This is What Babies Kicking in the Womb are Really Doing

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Eric Lehman says:

Awwwwww… cute! I'm really glad that the kicks show understanding.

Lavena Xu-Johnson says:

'''Brain waves'' are happening every second when you're alive, it's neurotransmitters firing, it doesn't ''disappear when babies are few weeks old'' :/ It disappears when people die… You're probably saying the motor and sensory cortexes fire much more when they're premature, and reduce when they're a bit older?

scoobz says:

they move because they wanna get TF OUT OF THERE ALREADY LOL!!

I’m blessed By the best says:

Me trying to find out why my daughter use to kick me under the rib. Giving me a sore spot. My question is not answered. Also studied the brans of baby. That’s not right. I guess they used a machine. That’s radiation.

sasibalini vino says:

When I got nausea…my baby start to kick me harder…after vomiting only baby relax…

Afin Fadzlin says:

I thought they were just stretching their legs or something

Meimeimei says:

They itchy lol

Katie Gardner says:

What this YouTube video left off is: with only 19 participants… the findings of the study are still very inconclusive, so whatever you think is right!

Shravan Bathini says:

C R L 63.5 mm it's boy or girl pls reply

Mrs Travel says:

My baby’s foot twitched while in me. And he twitched his foot outside the womb too!

Shireen Akhtar says:

This cannot happen by accident..there must be a creator

Jasmine Monae’ says:

Can’t wait for this!! ❤️ starting my first IUI cycle end of March!!

Patricia Graham says:

"music" noise not required!

Dawn Lapka says:

They move because they are curious about what is going on with their surroundings. Beautiful!

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