THIRD TRIMESTER CHECKLIST// Preparing for first baby!

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Chickennugget says:

33 weeks preggo too! im watching this :)


make sure you have space between the front seat and her car seat!!!

Ashley Walton says:

Where is your nursery dresser from!?

Jay G says:

The white is lovely! I’m just scared of the dirt. Plus we are a gay couple so we got the Jordan even though we’re having a girl just coz. Lol! We are I think few day apart on our due date!

Rebecca Williamson says:

My friends hospital supplied diapers during her stay which was really nice. My baby was born at 33 weeks so was in the NICU for a week. Cook all the way but I recommend having everything done early. I had zero complications but he decided to rush out. Hopefully breastfeeding goes easy for you because it and pumping didn't happen for me. I did have that pump and recommend a hands free bra. Good luck!

hopmomma 1120 says:

Get baby gowns. Telling you for those late night diaper changes they are a game changer

Sl says:

Can’t wait to see Dot. One tip is in the hospital they check on the baby so much that it’s hard to keep them in an outfit. Bring socks and maybe and a shirt that wraps. For my baby boy I kept him in the shirt that they gave me and dressed him when we went home.

Jessesgirl0902 says:

You’re the cutest mama!

Flora Bedinger says:

All healthcare offices are usually cold because of the PPE we have to wear. So now with all of the additional PPE we wear because of the virus makes us sweat even more. So it will probably be FREEZING. I am a dental hygienist, and we keep our dental office at 68 at all times, we’ve only been open for a week now and half of my patients have commented on how cold it is.

Minnie Ramos says:

Hi Sam. Where is your book sold? I didn't know you had one.

Elaine Johnson says:

Take a ROBE!!! Lol

Madison Elyse says:

i just graduated college, im broke af, dont have a bf but you make me want a baby so bad hahah

Gabriela Herrera says:

Sam you should come out with a baby clothes line

Michelle Reynolds says:

So excited for you!!! Its getting closer!! I know this Christmas and Halloween are gonna be so awesome with baby girl dot!!

Charlene Foster says:

You didn’t link the check list? Currently in my third trimester would love to check it out x

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