The Worst Parts of Childbirth • Wine Mom

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“You’re basically a live vagina exhibit…”

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Kayleigh D. says:

my fourth grade teacher assistance's water broke during class while she was going to the bathroom. awkward as we had many a questions

Melissa Bourassa says:

yeah … i gave birth so fast 😮 … ma water needed to be broke so the nurse Poped them lol ! (it sounded like a balloon poping) and it didnt hurt :p !!! and my baby was crying even before he was out lol !!… BUT after … oh damn girl ! 😮 when they tell you … GO PEE… and you dont leave the tolet entil you finish peeing… ehehe … futur mom 😉 you'll understand when the time comes 😉 ehehe Good luck :) xoxo

vadergeek fimo68 says:

all dis won't change my mind

Holy Atheist says:

Thank god for abortion rights, amiright?

Cordelia 4nia says:

I'm only having two and that's it xD

T.M. Suren says:

before hannah became wine mom she was neat and kind ( p.s.I like her,not a hate comment )

McKinley Cobb says:

But what is it like when you don't have epidural?

Desiree Foster says:

Haha this was so true! I just gave birth two weeks ago and I've never had so many people see me naked at once and I really didn't care. My birth plan went out the window, but I didn't have a bad reaction to the epidural luckily and I was able to rest after getting it. I didn't think I could have as much fluid come out of me as I did during labor and I thought the worst part (after the back labor) was when I was pushing because his head was down and I really felt like I had to poop so bad! I was just pushing to get him out so I could get that relief. I also didn't feel that relief until I got the placenta out, but I got my 9.1 lbs baby boy in the end.

Kyndal Pogue says:

idk what they put in your epidural but I didn't trip lol. i just felt relief and fell asleep.

Isabella Rose says:

My head was blue when I came out because my ambilical cord was r aped around my neck. my mom did not even know this untill my grandmother told her a couple of weeks later….

Robin Assels says:

I love Wine Mom ❤

multifandomous says:

hannah i know you said not to be scared but im terrified im sorry

multifandomous says:

hi is anyone else paranoid to have kids ?? im really bad with pain and i want kids but ,,, i just cant handle pain :-(

theyyknowlaniii says:

I almost killed my mom : ) she lost so much blood and I didn't wanna come out at aLL

Azzy Firstborn says:

34 weeks and 6 days Due Dec 12 feels like she could come any day now !!!!

Dont Question says:

Most relatable damn thing I have seen since having my daughter. Wish I would have had wine mom in my life about 2 1/2 years ago when I was pregnant! lol… yeah nothing goes as you think it is going to go. But nothing is more rewarding. :)

yagirlhannah says:

LOL I puked during a contraction too! & had a 20 something year old male student stick his finger up there and just say "yup k thanks" and walk away. Amazing experience, 100% would recommend

Aracelli's mommy says:

that happened when my water broke to the nurse

Teresa Autumn says:

I just turned 13 today why am I watching this?!?

Muffincake :3 says:

Im adopting

Jackie Ehle-Inglefield says:

Hi!my mom will love this

Of Demons and Demigods says:

My mom couldn't give natural childbirth due to an injury in her childhood, so she was in labor with my older brother for 12 hours before they realized that she couldn't birth him so they performed an emergency c section

Colleen Goats says:

well. my placenta wouldn't deliver after an hour so the ob-gyn had to manually take it out with her hands and shE DROPPED IT AND BLOOD WAS EVERYWHERE

Alchemist Melody says:

Childbirth scares me good thing I'm not going to ever have one. Hopefully I don't change my mind.

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