The surprising effects of pregnancy

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Discover how pregnancy changes every organ in the body— from the heart, to the brain and kidneys— and what we still don’t know about it.

Muscles and joints shift and jostle. The heart’s pounding rhythm speeds up. Blood roars through arteries and veins. Over the course of a pregnancy, every organ in the body changes. Initiated by a range of hormones, these changes begin as soon as a pregnancy begins. Explore what we know— and don’t know— about pregnancy’s effects on the body and brain.

Lesson by TED-Ed, directed by Roxane Campoy and Charlotte Cambon.

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Kara Campbell says:

Definitely a labor of love

Quartz The Parody-er says:

relaxin looks like someone from rhythm heaven

Lucy Grajeda says:

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Uma Min says:

The animation is so cute it's like cells at work!

Sadia Javaid says:

There animations are so

Mike-Tina Pingue says:

Do a video after being pregnant

Muskan Yadav says:

This is the most beautiful video I have ever seen on YouTube.

Violet Fantasy Art says:

My sister is about 5 months pregnant

Galaxy Jedi says:

Glad I'm never having kids this way

Amelia John says:

Thank you mom

Layton Gayllagher says:

Goddamn I believe my tubes just tied themselves.

Elu Mix says:

Nooooo . Please i want be a man just cos the prefnancy.

Esmeralda Hibdon says:

Omg this just proves that a baby is a separate being from the mom!!! Abortion is murder!!!

Gayathri Venkatramanan says:

Ok this is freaking me a little now that I am planning to have a child…

Osaretin Omosigho says:

Good lord!!! So much in one body?? This is so scary. Its not easy being pregnant.

Momma Beekay says:

This is amazannnnnnng!

Lily Harrison says:

Why are people downvoting this informative piece?

Abhinav Sharma. says:

Oh my god, u r incredible.

F C says:

Is there any research on why pregnant women have heightened sense of smell and "pregnancy brain"? I find it often overlooked

F C says:

Yeah men need to watch this…

monika says:

I don't wanna be a girl anymore.

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