The Post Pregnancy Body; What to Expect

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Not sure what women mean when they say “you’ll never be the same after pregnancy” or “Everything just gets harder” well I open up and talk about the intimate changes that your body will go through after giving birth to your child. Some changes are not fun and even just plain cruel but I also share some tips in coping and even embracing your new post baby body.


Ariel 437 says:

You look great.

Your not being negative, your being real

Christina Helvadjian says:

I love how you broke that down. I'm not a wife or mother yet but I definitely believe in exploring before jumping into these huge titles blindly so thank you! Your Grace and honesty are much appreciated! Best wishes mommy :) 

Baby- entertainer says:

nice vide…liked and sub :)

Kristi Beth says:

Ok the comments here are horrible! I have 9 kids and am in great shape!! There IS exercise ladies!!! And good diet. The stretch marks fade and end up looking kinda sexy when there isn't a bunch of fat under them. I workout with weights 5x a week and eat healthy. That's what it takes. After you have healed from child birth you can do home workouts until the baby is older and you can leave for an hour early morning while hubby watches the baby. Having babies is not nearly as depressing as some of the comments say! Wow! You women need to change your way of thinking

James Rowe says:

What a wonderful woman you are.Thank you so much for your honest words.

smashingpumpernickels says:

i dont understand why people think stretch marks are ugly, i absolutely love my tiger warrior stripes.

Audrey L. Gros says:

Well. I'm currently pregnant and watching your video was maybe not something I should have done NOW. I mean, with the pregnancy I got acne and my hair is all over the place. AND NOW you're just saying that it's gonna get worse. NOOOO WAAAYYYY. (I love you already baby). THANKS FOR THE VIDEO BTW (seriously looL)

HiphopRae714 says:

Awesome video, you're really funny. lol

Bianca Ortiz says:

I just started following your channel and I wish I would've came across it sooner. I 100% agree with everything you said. I wish women would be more open about the subject. Seems like there is so much information about pregnancy and the chance during pregnancy but no one talks about after pregnancy. I wish someone would of told me about the constipation and your first bowl movement. I had a natural tear and that was a very scary moment for me. I remember thinking "is the another baby up there and the doctors just missed it" it's definitely like having another baby. 

Brooke Thorpe says:

Bang!   That's me shooting myself 

original xry says:

expect me to be going balls deep STILL Tayla. 

BleedInAllColours says:

Thank you for your honesty. But I wish you weren't so concerned with your looks, you should be proud of what you achieved. And you should never ever say, that something on your body is gross. 

Misty M says:

Yup adoption is sounding better….I am already very insecure and I really don't think I could deal with my body changing like that. 

Christie Park says:

Thank you!  – good stuff to know!

Talya Rose says:

Made my day thanks!!

Talya Rose says:

Ahhh! How exciting! I will be praying for an easy problem free delivery!!

Truthflyer says:

And you're gorgeous btw (:

Truthflyer says:

7 months today ready for my lil man, not ready for this D: lol

Yumnie Nagib says:

Love this! Thanks for the heads up. Terrified lol

Talya Rose says:

You are so cute! I hope you are even more confident! Thanks for watching!

Pamela Anderson says:

I am so lucky not to have a single issue after my pregnancy. Thank you mama for the perfect genetics!! Stomach went back in literally a day after delivery, no stretch marks, not a single issue with a body. I am really lucky unlike millions of other women

Talya Rose says:

Yes! I have heard that that happens! Some women will grow as much as a half size per baby! So much for "well i will splurge on these boots because i will have them forever!" Thanks so much for sharing!

Cassandra Lynn Nunn says:

I think this is a great post. One thing I noticed after my twins (babies 4 and 5 for me) my shoes didn't fit and I had to get new ones. I've heard your feet grow some during but it wasn't until my twins that I went up a whole shoe size!

Talya Rose says:

Thanks! I am so glad you found my channel too!!!

Talya Rose says:

Ha ha!! Yes my boobs are also totally giving in to gravity and dipping down south as well! It helps to know I am not alone! I bought a few new pair of jeans because my hips just are not the same shape at all! But I bought them at goodwill so I wasn't out a lot of money and I saved a few of my old favorites that still worked. Thanks so much for the encouragement :)

Homemade Mama says:

You are so funny. I'm really glad that I found your channel.

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