The Path, An Ionian Myth | Spirit Blossom 2020 Animated Trailer – League of Legends

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Every myth carries a seed of truth. A slain swordsman must decide if he will make peace with his past—or be consumed by it.

Animated Trailer: Created in partnership with Sun Creature

Music by: Yutaka Yamada

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snooxe , says:

his appearance reminds me of Howl ngl

愛歐尼亞之暗影之拳第十三代傳人 says:

what is the song's name, plz

Dhanush Venkat Sai Reddy says:

Breath Of The Lotus 8th Form : Spirit Blossom! 2:54
(Lotus has 8 petals in Buddhism) Got Demon Slayer Vibes From it

Light7900 says:

I wish there was a full version of the battle music, its so short but i want more.

CTGX says:

Yone looks like main character from bleach

NBlastoise says:

cliché alert

mikael acaling says:

terrible animation wtf is this

xhinzu says:

Top 10 anime fights in july 2020

Cancer Connoisseur says:

Is Yone the last Darkin? Certainly fits the role from where I'm standing…

Poszáta Holda Tóth says:

We defenetly need a movie

Josh Tembrevilla says:

is this really Yone?

Jasper Li says:

Some serious studio ghibli vibes

jelson95 says:

Can you release the soundtrack please

Rojasnetor says:

x9 yone pls

Feiht says:

They literally copied Demon Slayer move

Edison Masangkay says:

Yone is a darkin now. That darkin was looking for a host and he lured yone. The red blade is a darkin blade.

RipAzure says:

The Wind Stops For A Reason

Napoleon Bonaparte says:

2:57 this might be Yone’s ult

DoubleKings says:

Dosen't the LOR card depict him being older with a beard and black hair? Can someone explain it to me why people are saying the white haired guy is Yone?

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