The Merrell Twins Debate What’s Better: TikTok or Vine?

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Ellen challenged the Merrell Twins to give their take on some of the internet’s weirdest questions. How would a dog wear pants? ASMR or soap cutting? Should you wash your legs in the shower? The Merrell Twins tackle these questions and more! Subscribe to their channel:



Zara Deva says:

Tik Tok is too problematic

Debora Ersado says:

Omg they were on the Ellen show? I love the merrell twins

Fizzahxo x says:


P.artoza says:

we love the merrelltwins!!

Panda Gamer says:

Your videos are the best you inspired me to start my gaming channel I really hope I become successful like you
And I wish I could get 100 subs it would help of you sub to me

Lesly Morales says:

Soap cutting i love watching it

Lizbeth Rojas says:

you’re telling me that there’s ppl who DONT WASH THEIR LEGS?? ummm what? Lol

まさみ says:

I literally had no idea that some people don't wash their legs in the shower-

Rahul Ramakrishnan says:

This should be a regular segment on their channel

Rhoda Woods says:

I watch soap cutting videos

Chloe Rojas says:

i see the merrell twins anywhere i click!

Aruna Goswami says:

Tik Tok don't use it it helps to china

Maisie Moo says:

Love the merrell twins!! 😀 😀 so cool Ellen got them! 😀 😀

SophieAnn Kennedy says:

Vanessa is always going to be a queen on tik tok!

Jasmin Garcia says:

I don't know what I would do without the Merrell twins!!!!


That looks like the "queens of tiktok" are promoting china.

Ally Finlay says:

Dogs have elbows on their front legs sooooooooo i guess theyre arms with feet

Nickaela Bhagwandeen says:

Love u guys

tala says:

omg but imagine how iconic this would've been if we werent on quarantine and they were actually with ellen

Zazz Potter says:

2:03 the pAin in her voice when she said "miss it" sENT ME

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