The birth of my son!

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I love him so much. He is absolutely perfect.

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tamara sky says:

I can't wait to see Miranda sings with her baby

Toni Buckler says:

You name it Tom

Izzy says:

Today in YouTube history. A YouTuber was literally born. Quote me on that

Gracie Cline says:

I never thought that the person I would always watch as Miranda sings when I was little is having a baby

Gewoon Asma says:

When he just came out he is like i wanna go back

정말 아름다우세요 says:

Oh my gosh I’m so happy for you guys!! Congratulations!!

grell sucliff says:

I'm so happy for you

crbunch1960 says:

I cried when I watched this

Xxx productions says:


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