The Best Parenting Advice You Don’t Want | MOM SO HARD

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When you have kids, you get a lot of unsolicited tips on how to raise them. But according to the hilarious ladies of imomsohard, any advice is bad advice.

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Darloonie says:

My two kids (out of 3) are 7 and 5. It seems to me their behavior gets worse when they have screen time. So out of frustration one day I said, "I feel like there are demons in the screens." Then I punished them from screen time until they started obeying me. So I take them to the dentist and the dental hygienist asks my 5 year old son, "What have you been doing?" He says, "Being bad. I can't have screen time because of the demons." I was so embarrassed and thought surely they think I'm a religious fanatic that teaches screens are the devil!

Jessica McNish says:

laughing so hard…just one brain! hahaha!!!

Krissy Dias says:

You guys are the best, wish we could have coffee together!

Cancer Survivor26 says:

i lovveeeeee iittttt

Sandy Lender says:

Chinese food is multicultural. Excellent.

Billie Beautybag says:

I love their videos! i love to hit auto-play on all their videos when I am cleaning the house and listen and laugh. These two are the best!

Courtney B-Stylist says:

Thanks ladies. I needed this today! I would love to be right there next to ya because i def have my 2 cents to go with that! LOL

Simple Full says:


LindiPindi says:

This is the BEST! OMGosh I laughed so hard my kids and husband thought I was cracking up. I may have peed a little too.

Edith Ann says:

Your brains can come out your nose….technically that's how they embalmed the pharohs, isn't it? Course they weren't watching video devices….

tuttle Tice says:

Tonight we had popcorn and yogurt raisins for dinner . It was that kind of day lol

Nicolette Hyman says:

"Eating popcorn with a tude"

Hahaha. I love it.

slpmather says:

love this!!!

Mommcd04 says:

Words cannot express how much I love these videos

r0se-designs says:

Best video I've seen on this channel! So honest, true and funny!

SouthernMel says:

This is hilarious and so real!!

Christina D says:

I just peed a little! love it!!

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