Thank You (Mom’s Song) ~ Susan G. Acheson

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“Thank You (Mom`s Song)” was written to honor my beautiful & amazing Mom, Janis Ann Acheson (1947 – 2005).

Vocalist: Susan G. Acheson
Pianist: Tara Dettman

© Music & Lyrics by Susan G. Acheson ~~ 100% MAPL ~~ registered with SOCAN ~~ All rights reserved ~~


M.Marianne. Sahiboe. says:

Thank >MOM >♡☆< 😉 ;)《♡》☆☆☆

Princess Lauren says:

ill never give up for u to survive

Princess Lauren says:

thabk you for being being thier

Princess Lauren says:

soe peeps dont have family can thats not right

Princess Lauren says:

we can be homeless poor or none and still be happy

Princess Lauren says:

why do u need money as your love when your love os with your family

Com Ment says:

Wow it amazing

Steve Willis says:

I read something recently. Just a little thing that I think is perfect. It goes: A little Girl looked up at her Dad and said "Why does God always take the best people?" Her Dad replied "When you choose to pick Flowers in the garden, which do you pick first?" "The most beautiful ones of course. " She replied. "Exactly." He said. I think this is beautiful and so true. God picks the most beautiful and the best people to be his Angels. All Mothers are beautiful in the eyes of their Children.

Steve Willis says:

I lost my Mum to Pancreatic Cancer in 2009 and not a day goes by when I don't think about her. My Mum was the best Mum in the World to me and my Brother and Sister and the best Grandmother in the World to all of her Grandchildren.I miss you Mum and although the pain of losing you has gets a bit easier with each passing day, I will never stop missing you. Heaven needed another Angel and God chose you. Heaven has a beautiful, wonderful Angel in you Mum.Love and Miss you for ever.<3

luis Manuel Rojas says:

siento mucho tu perdida,
bonita cancion

Isaac Cameron says:

This is beautiful

Preston Conard says:

I love the song

viOLet niObE says:

im blessed for having a perfect mother..i am thankful that the lord gave me as the best as you are..though we're too far away from now i know that someday we will be together again..i love you mama and im always be your one and only princess..

Rjae Johnson says:

When was it made

Rjae Johnson says:

I Love that song

Lisa Stevens says:

I play this for my mom who past away May 7 it touch my heart

David Mabon says:

Thank you Mom

jhairus dave says:

this video makes me cry wyl watching., i miss my mom . . .so much..

Rian Bielak says:

its a calm and blessed voice and song

Carol Emad says:

I love it

cristina barsan says:

My mum died last moths,and i just whant to thank her to for everything she did for me and for all the love she gave me,and i am sure one day i will see her again up in heaven.REST IN PEACE MY LOVELY MUM :-(

Mitchelle William says:

I love this song

Emma Hartis says:

I like this song because my mum likes it

I play this song everyday in the morning and when I came home from school

Penny Wright says:

To my mother in Heaven,Today I celebrate your love for me,I only wish you were here for me to show you how much I love and miss you,Happy Mothers Day Mom ,you were my Angel while you were here,now you'll be my Angel forever!!!

Erik van Erne says:

Thank you

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