Teen Vs. Adult: Pregnancy Belly Reactions

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Young woman touches belly of pregnant girlfriend
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XxChloeegould xX says:

Avalon doesn’t look like a teen but she sounds like one

Mckenzie Griffin says:

I live her voice❤️

olivia moon says:

that girls voice uh no hate but

kennedyLydianGrace says:

The red head is so pretty but her voice is so awful

Leala Campbell says:

The teens voice is grown then in a second it’s like a2 year olds

She doesn’t Even go here says:

That teen is ANNOYING

Deanna Anderson says:

This is pretty confusing; Avalon, to me, looks like someone who just has a baby-face. Like. I know she's a teenager based on the title, but I absolutely have NO clue if she's over or under 15.

Nicole Meneses says:

Just pointing out the fact that AVALON IS STUNNING. Her face is so pretty

esme yiu says:

oof, teen pregnancy is sad/ happy. If you get pregnant at a young age, you would have the baby. Right? and since you're younger you spend more time w them unless you..yk.. And if you're older like 20+ or something you spend less time w thee baby. 😉 My logicccc

Alyssa Hamm says:

I got them mixed up until I heard the teens voice but the other girl looks so young and the teen looks so much older and mature

dirty little game says:

Why are you still on my recommendation??????? I closed your post from my view. I reported your post. And yyou still on my recommendation page. Go away fornication channel!!! Fornication is disgusting!

Angel Foster says:

Maybe the teen was raped and ended up pregnant…this is why I try not to judge

Emma grace says:

poor avalon i would've opened the door and talked to her! i don't judge regardless of age in pregnancy's i would love her regardless. thank you for being so brave avalon!

Rose Whisner says:

love this video!!! Pregnant teens need support and love!

Jodie W says:

These days young women are so afraid of getting pregnant many of them wait so long they're no longer able to get pregnant naturally when they actually want a baby. I can guarantee you that the women dropping $100K+ on IVF at age 40 wishes she had her babies when she was younger. Society needs to stop shaming every remotely atypical choice and start empowering people to face life's challenges with confidence.

Ariella Frankel says:

Avalon looks older than me and im 23.

Cheyann the awkward cactus says:

I'm watching this being 19 and 7 months pregnant. I am so thankful that in the area I live in people are much more open minded and more kind. I have noticed a ton of negative looks since my belly has begun to show but with that I have also met very kind people who have been very supportive and helpful. I hope that for any women out there, no matter the age, that you can find a good community to not only raise your child but to also carry your child.

Jo says:

God i LOVE avalon so much

Viet Anh Tran says:

I'm a simple guy
I see avalon i click

MsManda111 says:

At 18 I was a nanny to a family with 2 kids under age 3. The amount of horrible comments I got to my face when out with them was INSANE!
"How did you not learn after the first one!?" etc. and I was very much treated differently to older women out with 2 small children.

Maddisson Malott says:

If you are a teen mom I’m proud of you cause your job is hard

sxdsgr says:

in general I look 12 ( I'm 17)
people look so weird at me when I'm holding my baby cousin or little sister

Eli says:

i had a fake baby for a school project, and i had errands to do downtown and i got so many dirty looks just for carrying the car seat! i can’t imagine having to deal with that on a daily basis :/

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