Taylor Swift – Everything Has Changed ft. Ed Sheeran

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Mercedes Bragg says:

this proves they aren't ALL breakup songs #youbelongwithme   #mean   #everythinghaschanged

ester s. says:

lindo como sempre

Ragnhild Gramstad says:


Peter Banchev says:

this is the best song of taylor

Popescu Cosmin says:

I love it how she is taller than him. Because I have the same height with my crush.

Omar Naranjo Marcos says:

Taylor :3

Michelle Kent says:

That is the most adorable video ever!!

Skd Dkdldö says:

Türk dinleyici keyf

PamyJ Magana says:

WAIT!!! is that taylor the a mom

KittyCat Gamer says:

Young Love ♥♥♥ this is taylors best song ever! Btw my fave!

Jada Peterson says:

OMG i comented the 1st one in the middle of video and the kids are SOOOO CUTE and the adolts are SOOOO cute to

Jada Peterson says:

awwwwwww they are so cute <3 they think of me and my friend she left me cuse i was not cool for her friend so i lisson to this song a lot it makes me feel like i was not crying

ShyFlower_ 143 says:

I ship those kids for some reason XD

Ria Mehra says:

taylor is adorable!

Tommy Bone says:

There are many things wrong with this video. First in the very beginning the little kid is drinking coffee. Then they leave and go into rooms in the school without a teacher knowing for a couple of hours. Then the little kid is reading the notebook, then they are giving each-other "tattoos" like. Wtf.

Anne 2457 says:

#friendship goals

Michaela Brink says:

I miss when my friends and I used to dress up in t shirts and sneekers to be like her but know id be ashamed

Yuri sama says:

aw omg  this si so cute ;-;  <33

Julian Gonzalez says:

loved the ending

Dillon Dodd says:

cause some people don't like Ed sheran

Katniss 22 says:

New fav song great job T

Amal Ali says:

This song should be in GoT

sakurafairy AJ says:

Don't like this comment, like the video!

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