Taylor Swift – Back To December

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Casey Buss says:

who is still watching in 2015?!

Emily Switzer says:

I love your songs!!!!!!!!!!(:

Litzhy Tolentino says:

because song ever

Carla Jara says:

fome el video

Justine Garay says:

Every time I hear this song, I cry for no reason. Maybe I just don't know what exactly it is.

Hasnain Abbas says:

i love only this song

Avi Pyers says:

Love you so inspirational

liza aiman says:

It actually makes me think about last December, when things were right now it's all changed. I don't know where you are now.


Uahooo, amazing how everyone connects here, I am also a swift fan… I love her work and her spirit…lui

brayan ruiz says:

I haven't heard this song in years, but this takes me back. I don't really know why I'm typing this whole wall of text, but here it goes.
November of 2009, a guy I had a crush on asked me to be his gf, and I accepted. Let's call him J. I thought he was amazing, and for the first few months, he was. I was only 15, but I was convinced I was in love. And it was great until J graduated from high school in May of 2010. That was when his parents decided that a relationship with a high schooler was now

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