Symptoms of Pregnancy in 9th Month – Dr. Shirin Venkatramani

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The 9th month of pregnancy is a really delicate period because that is the time premature labour might occur or you may have leaking or sometimes we get patients that she can’t hold urine at all. This is the leakage of liquor and this should be taken seriously. The discomfort of being in the 9th month, as everybody knows is backache, improper gait and walking, tiredness, fatigue, breathlessness, indigestion, constipation. But what is serous is that if you start getting period pain, or if you get leaking or if you get any bleeding, these are symptoms that have to be taken seriously in pregnancy because you might be going into early labour.


Along TheWay says:

A normal, healthy pregnancy is 40 weeks or so. That's TEN months. Not sure where this 9 month thing comes from. Do the math. 40 weeks is NOT 9 months.

Rubina Sadangi says:

My Didi is in 9th month of pregnancy now she is bleeding although it's very small amount single drop or two.

Rym Constantine says:

True I live in the toilet ,every time a drop of urine

ask academy says:

I am 34 week pregnant and suddenly having metallic taste in mouth

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