Surviving the first 3 months with a baby { TOP 5 tips }

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Here are my top 5 tips to getting through the first 3 months (the 4th trimester) with a baby. These are my own tips what works for me may not work for you just try your best baby loves you no matter what and the tough times don’t last forever :) My ENTIRE pregnancy journey :
Hi! Im Nicole from NewZealand and I vlog my life through the ups and downs of infertility. After years of clomid and puregon injections We have one son, Roman ( IVF cycle 1, 2010 ) born Aug 2011 and a daughter (IVF cycle 3, 2013 ) born May 2014. Come join our journey!
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Anna Sheftel says:

Fuck off , newborns r a fucking pain in the dick whole ! From screaming and sleeping 2/3 hours , how can this be enjoyed

Victoria Boyer says:

sleep when you r baby sleeps! cant stress this enough. if your up all day doing dtuff and then go to bed and baby is up every 2-3 hours to eat you are going to be EXHAUSTED!! have a nap dueing the day!

Linda says:

thank you :)

Makayla Grissom says:

such great tips!! young mom to be and the bottle tip was the best!! never would've thought of that

David Moralee says:

Great video, some good advice, thank you

Smartie And Steveo says:

Great tips! xo

GemmaTimes says:

Great tips Nicole!!! I did all with Hazel except she hated being in a carrier

vm gibson says:

I think the one I agree the most with is the NOISE! I always tell new parents to try not and have the house silent while they're sleeping.. Such a huge mistake! I have a friend that had a little boy that couldn't hear a pin drop without waking up bc she had the house silent when he was asleep. She unplugged the phone and the doorbell.. Just crazy to me lol

Motherhood Twofold says:

The time does go by super fast!! I have twins and the first 3 months just flew by!! They are now almost 15 months! I think something to add would be that do what's best for you and baby….moms put a lot of stress on themselves trying to do cloth diapers, breastfeed only, etc. do what you can and what works for you and baby :)

Cozzie Corinne says:

Thumbnail hehe

TheOtherSideOfAlex says:

OK legit the best!!!!! thumbnail I have ever seen so amazingly displayed the chaos of motherhood!!!

mummychannel says:

Very goods tips. Did most of them myself. Baby no 2 would sleep listening to the hoover.

Bridget andBump says:

Great video hun. Jacob is 8 months and I still haven't done my tips video! smh
I agree with everything you said, accepting help is so super important but something I found hard to do. No one folds washing the way you like it and half your dishes will be put back in the wrong place but at least you didn't have to do it.

A big tip for breastfeeding mums is take good care of your boobies! Check for lumps, massage out blocked ducts and speak up to your midwife or doctor if you have any concerns. Mastitis and abscesses are sooooo not fun. 

SugarrPlum0 says:

I have to say that i LOVE the thumbnail! :)

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