Suni Lee DELIVERS on the floor to win all-around gold for USA | Tokyo Olympics | NBC Sports

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Suni Lee steps up in the individual all-around final to claim her first career Olympic gold medal. #NBCOlympics #Tokyo2020 #SuniLee
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12 men’s teams and 12 women’s teams (with a maximum of five athletes per team) compete in the Olympic artistic gymnastics competition.

In addition, 76 individual competitors (38 men and 38 women) from other countries may compete, for a maximum of 98 men and 98 women. Competitors must turn 16 by Dec. 31, 2016.

Over four phases of competition, fourteen gold medals will be awarded.

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Suni Lee DELIVERS on the floor to win all-around gold for USA | Tokyo Olympics | NBC Sports


werewulf76 says:

A real athlete doesn't need anpheteamines to win, Are you hearing this Simone?

Pari Schoori says:

Nothing is more shameful than give Israeli gold medal and Russian silver. All jujus go to heel how much you sold your self

Eva Rogers says:

She a wonder person hope you take care you lady wonder full performis

Amber Smith says:

U can see it in her face she’s nervous, but I can already tell she’ll do great!

MsCoffeecol says:

The fact they can take these ridiculous face diapers off for any amount of time proves they are of no purpose! Wake up you morons!

AndresON777 says:

what is that song?

Chewbecca101 says:

Her performing personality looked pretty scared and not happy. Her hands were insanely amazing.

Corinne Nirdlinger says:

You know if Simone Biles was judges as equally as others there would've been more gold medals

Bernice Monroe says:

I don't remember a more badly photographed or filmed Olympics. Disgusting they should be fired.

Herberth Alvarez says:

shes amazing

Wonder Lady says:

What an athlete! She’s so strong!

Tami Risoen says:

She's our lady WTG

Alicia says:

Beautiful routine

Lucia Gomez says:

Es más bonita que Simón

Emily Kelley says:

Definitely the best dancer on the team

Wayne Alan says:

Simone who?

Sandra Rose says:

Congratulations to Suin Lee's
One of the greatest Jimnist in the world

Laura Peterson says:

Is this a Lindsay she's performing to?

Transformational Beauty Butterfly says:

Yay Suni!!!

禾亣 says:


Fernbow Claw says:

Anyone Asian competitor winning is WONDERFUL in these pandemic times! Yay!

Ben Fight says:

The invincible router industrially try because raincoat logistically seal midst a symptomatic female. second, complex india

debra wilson says:


Slim Barentse says:

How'd she do that??? Nuff said… Smh…

playmobilfriends says:

814 + are losers

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