Stereotypes: Gym

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Please re-rack your weights after use.

HUGE thanks to Pac Fitness (Prosper) and Tom Muehlenbeck Center (Plano) for letting us be these annoying people in your gym!

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Cire Deit says:

The guy with the altitude mask trying to look like Bhane.

IsacDanielsson says:

Im the naked old man

HeyItsKKaye says:

lol I'm the gallon drinker

DaBuscus -RD says:

Protein guy

P Aryal says:

ty you now you have to for the RRrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaagggggeeeeee mmmmmoooonnnnssssssssttttttttttttttteeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


EpicCoaster99 says:

You guys are awesome! You have more subs than DanTDM! :)

Anthony Pataki says:

If be the mirror magnet

Princess APAKAMA says:

I love the "Mr.Excuses" guy

Isaiah Robinson says:

skate border

EmberMagma101 says:

Time for me to hit the weights!

Kim Guan says:

Hey did that rage monster real? Pls? Tell me dude perfect

Pace Leavey says:

My sis is the creppy guy in the corner gnawing on a pickle

Matteo Scannella says:

I'm the creepy guy with pickle in the corner

KN Airsoft says:

I'm the creepy pickle guy

Monte Chan (MonteTheManatee) says:

Do track stereotyped

Alan Jon cena says:


Samuel Baratto says:

creepy guy gnawing on a pickle in the corner.

NebulaEpsilon says:

what's a gym? is that something you eat ;-;

xImmortalxItgelx MC says:

When The Rage Monster Comes In Do You Spend Money To Get Them Repaired

Challenge Man Conky says:

I'm the sweaty guy

Flaming Call of duty says:

Xzim the justifier

Donny Cade says:

the singing

Guleed Ibrahim says:

As seen on tv guy.

TrollingSkater says:

I'm the SUPER sweaty guy

I FaZe Jordan says:

Mr exuces

OSG Beta says:

3:00 ish when you die one off a nuke on bo3 :)

WIZARD says:

water gallon ftw

David Chan says:

please do more of these

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