Stephen King vs Edgar Allan Poe. Epic Rap Battles of History Season 3.

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Hi. My name is Nice Peter, and this is EpicLLOYD, and this is the Epic Rap Battles of History, Season 3.

▼ CAST ▼

Stephen King: Zach Sherwin

Edgar Allan Poe: George Watsky

▼ CREW ▼

Executive Producers: Peter Shukoff & Lloyd Ahlquist
Directed by: Nice Peter

Written by: Zach Sherwin, George Watsky, EpicLLOYD, and Nice Peter.

Beat Produced by: ►Tristan on the Track◄

Song Produced by: Nice Peter & Jose “”Choco”” Reynoso
Song Mixed by: Jose “”Choco”” Reynoso and Nice Peter

Edited by: Andrew Sherman, Daniel Turcan, Ryan Moulton, Nice Peter

VFX Compositor: Andrew Sherman and Ryan Moulton

Producer: Michelle Maloney
Director of Photography: Tyler Carey
Costume Designer: Sulai Lopez
Hair and Make Up: Tara Lang
Assistant Make Up Artist: Brittany White
Gaffer: Arthur Hong
Grip: Yev Belilovsky
Music Supervisor & Playback: Dante Cimadamore
Production Coordinator: Atul Singh
Assistant Editors: Ryan Moulton & Marc Chester
Office PA: Shaun Lewin

Okay, I think that’s it. Thanks again and see you soon,

-nice peter & epiclloyd

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ReapersDaughter93 says:

you should do someone vs HP Lovecraft

Gwat says:

grrm vs s king

Gwat says:

Stephen King

Gwat says:

judge dredd vs some one

Chris Powell says:

Poe pwned the poser besides I've seen the shit pile Stephen King has and can I take a nap now or later his books blow movies suck dick and as a writer boring as shit so ya Poe won this battle and the battle of authors hands down

Skeletor King of the Memes says:

Damn 39 mil

ExSuPiO1 says:

Why the fuck is there a 2.50min ad that I can't even skip? -.-

george noneofyourbusiness says:

@ERB John Ritter vs Jim Carey.

The wandering soul says:

Stephen King looks like Thomas Sanders

Caroline J. says:

English is not my first language so can anyone explain to me what Stephen King meant by "you can't drop a verse"?

DityaMalkava says:

It would be cool to see Howard Lovecraft vs Bram Stoker or Mary Shelley

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