Stay Fit During Pregnancy

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Stay fit during your pregnancy with this how-to video. I talk about what a safe heart rate is for pregnancy, what cardio I did in each trimester as well as what weights and strengthening exercises I would suggest. Staying fit for your pregnancy benefits not only you but you baby as well! Links mentioned in the video:

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Nick Stahl says:

good stuff, and nice content as well!

Jaybird ASMR says:

I know this is an old video, but I hope you still answer questions. I'm in my first trimester and i am EXHAUSTED all the time. How do you work in workouts when all you wanna do is sleep?

Jenny Archer says:

Your abs at 39 weeks were insane! True Motivation!

k kai says:

Thank you for your truthful and realistic input, I'm only 6 weeks I'm so tired. Also afraid while doing insanity, also get tired. But definitely feel better after

Lady Me says:

Your baby is soo adorable , I did not stop looking at him

Kerasia Cherry says:

Hi, where are your curtains from, I loooove them.

Avery Alise says:

She lost a huge amount of weight.

sarah naqvi says:

Hi, was this your first baby? And how many times did you work out ?

yen Ling shang says:

he is so cute ^^

Yasmine Hamed says:

I gained 50 pounds from birth control.forgot to mention it.

Hnzuu says:

A whale? Oh, ok…

icekat1986 says:

Thanks for the vid, this was very helpful! You are right I am 24 weeks, i was training 9x week and had no idea what to do when I got pregnant. I scaled back way too much in my trimester because I was scared too but started going back to the 5-6 times a week at week 14. xoxo

Tiffany Hatch says:

Hahahaha a whale!? You're too funny!

Ashley Holt says:

I am not pregnant yet, nor do I have a regular workout routine right now, but you motivate me to get back into one so that I stay active whenever I do become pregnant! :) Thank you!

Stella Oo says:

This was useful! I can't find enough information on weights and if I did they would contradict something I read somewhere else. My midwives said to listen to my body and scale back only when I felt I needed to. Thing is I lift quite heavy for my size. I deadlift above 250lbs which is more than double my own weight, I squat about 130 to 150lbs. While I feel fine doing them still at 18 weeks, they do require some exertion. So I guess to be safe.. I am going to scale them down as my pregnancy progresses. But I'm wondering.. If you did free weights as well, and are those the weights you didn't lighten all the way to the final stage?

Marie R says:

I have tachycardia along with POTS (postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome)so i am wondering what my target heart rate is..I want to stay active when Pregnant, since I'm TTC..TY for posting these..

Kerstin R says:

Great video! Thank you! It is so true: It is so hard to get recommendations on what to do if you already worked out quiet a bit! And good to hear that working out becomes easier in the second trimester!

Clara Han says:

For how long did you workout for? Most prenatal clips I find are fairly short. (10-20mi, if not 30min.)

Misha Snowie says:

Your baby is soo cute!!! I'm six and a half months with my second child :-)

Heather Kellam says:

You are my hero finally some "real" advice thankyou soooooooo much. Here we go at age 37 !

Michelle Eves says:

I have 8 weeks left ! And wanting to know what kind of workouts you did !

Our.Sweet.Life says:

Elle can you share more of what you ate while you were pregnant? Maybe some example meals as well as an example workouts that you did? I love that you are promoting this and I'm looking for as much motivation as I can to stay healthy. I'm struggling right now with morning sickness and have ZERO desire to workout but I'm really hoping it picks up again in the second semester. How did you stay healthy in the first trimester when you didn't workout much?

Emily Olson says:

Thank you! I am due in 8 weeks! Hopefully I bounce back quickly. Great advice girl!

Dawn P. says:

Aww!  Baby is so precious.

Brandi Tracy says:

I would love to see a video about how you stayed motivated. That is one thing that I have a problem with when it comes to working out and living a healthy lifestyle. Also your son is super cute!!!

Jess ica says:

Thanks for this info!!!! I workout (TIU) consistently and I always wonder what I will be allowed to do once I'm pregnant. I take spin classes and run on the treadmill as well. It's nice to see that you can workout throughout the pregnancy….and you looked awesome!! 

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