Star Wars Undercover Boss: Starkiller Base – SNL

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Kylo Ren (Adam Driver) goes undercover as Matt, a radar technician, at Starkiller Base.

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strikeslifer says:

After seeing this I'm not sure if I can take Kylo Ren seriously in the next movie

BFam Bethards says:

I haven't had my muffin yet Matt!

BFam Bethards says:

I love how he sends a card to say sorry for killing the man's son

Matt says:

Have you seen Kylo Rens lightsaber?

Kimberly O'Brien says:

My face hurts from laughing

Nick S says:

Dude, Matt straight up sucks.

PRDibble says:

Whenever I see Kylo, I keep thinking, "Wow, Theodore Logan went to a dark place…."

T. Smith says:

hahahaha Love It!

ENG says:

i cant breathe haha this is priceless

Conor O'Brien says:

please destroy the endings of all these clips with the fat guy saying "it's laser time" and you know what take the broken pieces and shove them up your ass. why is this guy still on the show? he's terrible

Mark Thaed says:

Why does this have so many likes when a 9th grader could put out the same content?

iBounce says:

So Kylo lets the fat turd low ranking storm trooper that called him a punk bitch, insulted his lightsaber and said that he sucks but chose to kill the Lieutenant colonel that barely touched his arm? Lol k

DJL Diamond says:

Awesome vid

Aarjo Banerjee says:

I dont think the people who made this know what the 501st actually was…

Marvin_Roblox_10000 says:

Anyone else pick up on the storm troopers bio, it said 501st legion, which was a clone legion in the clone wars.

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