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Watch for what baby foods to give your baby after you’ve determined that your baby is ready for solids!
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Hello Mamas!

Once you’ve determined that your baby is ready for solids, you will begin to give your baby Stage 1 baby foods. You can either buy or consider making homemade baby food at this stage. Keep watching this video where I provide an easy, stress-free, and fun guide to beginning this amazing stage in your baby’s life!

What are Stage 1 Baby foods?

Although we use the term “solids”, these first foods are really just liquidy, soupy types of foods that are very easy for a young baby to swallow. So the names “solids” is a bit of a misnomer, and there is nothing really “solid” about them because they should be so liquidy that you can almost drink them. Stage 1 pureed foods include single fruit and vegetable purees, and different types of single-grain baby cereal, most often a rice. For more tips on introducing solid foods and making them at home, keep watching!

What Stage 1 baby foods did you opt for to start, and what did your baby prefer? Please add your comments below – I would love to hear your stories!

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Roselyne Poulard says:

Thank you for your help

taniya jaswal says:

is the first stage started from 4 mnth ?

anafaye Campbell says:

You have great advice thank you for your video

Autumn Lee says:

can you still breastfeed as well? my son will be four months in two weeks

HerezMyCard says:

Please update your video with the new aap recommendations so people don't get outdated info

Rani Benakatti says:

Thank you soo much for the video. I feed my baby the happibo food only

Ferdhini & Co. says:

My baby is 2 months and I feed her rice cereal in a bottle. It's ver liquid though

Malcolm Xaiver says:

how in the world is grains and meat classified as a stage 1 food??? fruits are much easier to digest. next would be veggies, then grains, and fourth would be meat. this video is very misleading

Jael Espada says:

awesome, thank you.

Thet Htar says:

Tofer cereal 6+ can eat 4 month bay ? Plz reply , my baby is now 4monts so I want to start

Aleah Abdul-Quddus says:

I love your video! thanks!

Zuheil Mohamed says:

my baby is 8 months and doesnt even like the smell of food

LilyIntheValley says:


Bishu Rai Shrestha says:

How many times a day should we be offering the solids to a baby and what about the milk? Should we be offering the milk first or the solid?

Bridget O says:

Thumbs up for zabars coffee in freezer

Jailyn Porter says:

my baby is 2 month and he has 4 teeth can I give him some puffs and can I eat stage 2 Foods

Mileena says:

Can I just add water into the cereal ?

G La says:

ugh really needed how much milk and cereal to combine to get that. not very helpful.

Fiona Sheehan says:

This is a great help thank you, can I ask what's your thoughts on baby led weaning?.

Beckah Mataronas says:

Man times have changed in just 4 years. Baby cereals are NO GOOD! There is no real nutritional value and it takes away from the amount of nutrient rich foods baby can fill up on. The AAP now recommends introducing nuts before a year to prevent future allergies. Things are always changing

free bird says:

how often do you feed them? I'm a breastfeeding mom and just gave my son his first food. How many times. a week or day should I be giving this to him?

Anna Bobrova says:

Thank you for your videos. They are very helpful for me and my baby:)
Which blender do you use to make purees?

86butterflyGirl says:

The rice cereal that you made in the bowl. how much of that should the baby eat once they start solids ??

hanna k says:

Oh I forgot to add would you have any tips like would any blender with puree setting work??

hanna k says:

I'm gonna try and do this my 2nd baby is 3 months old now so I'm trying to learn how to do this!

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