Sound To Make Baby Pee

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Sound To Make a Baby Pee / Urinate,
Make your baby listen to this sound for gentle and smooth peeing / urinating.
Making a sound “sssssss” to let the baby (or even children) pee is a practice , so that the baby shouldn’t pee on the bed.
Sounds to help manage your little one pass urine easier.

Sound Effect Request
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Sound effects (or audio effects) are artificially created or enhanced sounds, or sound processes used to emphasize artistic or other content of films, television shows, live performance, animation, video games, music, or other media.


n Beats says:

Sound to make your baby sleep in MINUTES :)

y8uyuy says:

It works! I tried it on my niece

Caitlynn Pallotta says:

I'm on a train watching this out of pure curiosity and I regret it completely

Nog Spams says:

U made me pee my self

Ladona Macula says:

Omg this actually works

renu aggarwal says:

Hahaha.. Worked for my 1 month old baby


Im scared to pee in my pants IM LEAVING AAAAH

ideapuffer says:

Makes her sleepy not pee

DCS Life says:

This is ridiculous….. Irritable

Fisher Dittburner says:

I meditated to this and tought I was gonna lose, but one second before I pissed myself it ended. I was in controll again at last! Six minutes, but felt like thirty. As I hear the outro play, I was just about to submit and bam, it's over I did it! It felt so good to see how controlled and grounded I was. though I couldn't keep up! If the video had ended one second later it would have been game over. I feel my bladder tighten, a horrible chill goes down my spine my sphynxter weakens. As I go into full submission the audio overtakes me. I accept this as I lose all self-controll, urine slowly leaks out of me! I feel my sphyxter shake as it begins to let go,
I let go along with it all my worry. I breathe a deep sigh as hot, smelly, held-in urine relieves that constant tingle coming from my bladder. Forming a huge puddle around me warmth hugs me as I relax deeper, I wasn't preparred for this but I let it happen.
The sharp pain emminating from my bladder fades just a little as the crotch of my pants begins warming up and then, just soaked. The puddle grows bigger, I feel the seat of my pants get wet, the spot on my crotch doubled in size the puddle now at a resting size. The flow narrows I feel my legs get dreanched cooling off now, I stop urinating everwhere and clean my mess up.

Nowsher Abdullah says:

I peed my pants I thought I didnt but when I looked my bed was wet and my pants were also wet I kept peeing tell the and of thise vidio and I’m 20

Emmalivealex says:

I have to pee T^T

Cute lucky unicorn Love cookies says:

Wow I pee so much it's all over my bed but it's so warm I love it and when I push I pee and it fells so good

Minecraft Man says:

It made me fart

Toasty Rats says:

Disappointed. Just pooped my pants. False advertising. Expect a call from my lawyer.

Preet K says:

Perfect video for new mother

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