Soft Bullets // Posterity

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Just the result of a spur of the moment decision to perform an acoustic version of Posterity to a handful of friends in my lounge.

Insisted upon and filmed by James Aiken.

(This was originally uploaded to Vimeo on Thu March 10, 2011 so please, no beef about the Burberry version


Michael Bazzinotti says:

You see yourself from outside the box huh.. ..
You'll be alright :) 

Brenda Yelting says:

I loove this song man !!

DVM Films - TopCatzMedia says:

Beautiful song and superb video – truly moving!

maría poyatos says:

two deaf persons don't like this

alejandro alvarez says:

I really miss Air Traffic but this is actualy good

Robbin Tha Hood says:

Christopher Wall-ace lol

Taylor Horan says:

WHAT ??! ONLY 24k hit … Hmm people. Open your ears!

AmRam says:

This hits my soul. I feel like my heart shatters into a billion pieces. Beautiful.

Dietlind1 says:

such a nice singing voice!

Oya Ertekin says:

cant stop to listen this song

Oya Ertekin says:

<3 <3 <3 <3

Emily Michiels says:

I absolutely, unconditionally love this. And I'm pretty sure I always will. It's my absolute favourite song of Soft Bullets.

Drax ire says:

This is the only song i can think of that can actually bring me to tears. I haven't been through a break-up or whatever recently, it's just that this song is so pure. Been listening alot to this kind of music lately, but i got to say that this song is just one of a kind, one of the best songs ever made handsdown.

Marc Baybut says:

Where can this song be downloaded from? Its not on i-tunes etc.Would also love to get The Unfinished! Anyone know? Cheers!

MeetTheGirlyGirl says:

Haha I'm following 😉

andysqa says:

this is pure beauty

prettyliz3 says:


funandfrolics19 says:

Please check out The Upgrade Norwich. They supported Soft Bullets at their gig at the B2 in Norwich last night and were pretty awesome too!

funandfrolics19 says:

saw these guys last night as my bro's band were their supporting act :-) Was really impressed. I love muse and thought this guy was very similar to Matt Bellamy with his singing style.

originofnoise says:

PERFECTION, CHRIS! One of the most beautiful songs ever.

Burnt Forrest says:

This song is so underrated fucking gorgeous

Chipadoodle1116 says:

How can anyone dislike this?!

iLegendaryGraphics says:

Please make music again with Air Traffic ! :( Loved your music and still do <3

nora A says:

One of the best songs I've heard in a long time!!! I love everything about it!! sounds a bit like Matthew Bellamy <3

Pirata Gamer Produções says:

Gostei muito !!

crazykyle09 says:

what does it mean?

xxjesJ says:

Site of Soft Bullets…

Bruce Lee says:

Thanks buddy. But do you know where i can find this on sheet ? I'm French and i learnt how to read music the italian version ( Do Ré Mi…)

TheInstinctives says:

damn cant stop listening to it <3

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