Soft Bullets // Posterity

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Contains flashing images.

A performance video for the song “Posterity” by Soft Bullets in which a faceless composer plays the parts of the song and by doing so connects with the world from his digital space.

The single is released March 11th and is available through all the usual channels.

Produced by OnTourFilms
Written and Directed by Simon Harris and Chris Wall
Edited by Jack Kibbey Newman
Animation by Chris Wall
Costume and Set Design by Emily Kidgell and Simon Harris

All animation is projected.


Nadya Goncalves says:

You guys are real good 

Ryo93/Music says:

i'm japanese and love soft bullets.
thanks to the internet i found them but there're too little information!

Venezia Fanner says:

You've come so far, Chris. :) Loved Air Traffic and I LOVE Soft Bullets. <3

Simon Harris says:

yer man, nice.

ofmagicandmight says:

Oh, how beautiful…

Nicolás Rodriguez says:

excelente para un domingo en la tarde

Pillow Fujiwara says:

I still, want to marry this song. And that is a fact. Been wanting to do that for years. You peeps, make amazing music and make my day with it when I'm down. The video is absolutely brilliant and is perfect for the style of music you guys are creating. The idea of the whole lighting thing in my eyes is truly unique and I absolutely love this video! Been waiting for something like this for a long time! ♥

Stay awesome lads c;

Jonatan Mossotto says:

i want to perform a remix! i reealy want to! ♥

zainpure says:

speechless. Excellent job man

Clawing forit says:

Nah speechless. Nice master piece

JH says:

*Mind was just blown*

vazquezbare says:

Speechless in my case.
I can't even start to explain what I feel watching and listening this. The video and the idea is mind-blowing.The music is breath taking and the lyrics are true poetry.
I imagine that he exists in another dimension, a really sad dimension and he seeks to express his sadness only through music, across dimensions.

Seo Jeong says:


airtraffic15 says:

most definitely speechless 😉

fear9998 says:

this makes me really happy, totally love this, discovered this band only a few days ago but am loving everything you're doing, don't stop!! :) xx

bramfatura says:

SB, please never stop doing what you are doing.

2012INC says:

Heard you on BBC Radio. Quality stuff.

Jay Parmar says:

Here's a comment. LOVE Soft Bullets.

Soft Bullets says:

So many views – so few comments. You're either speechless or watching it embedded somewhere…?

M02ph3u5 says:

liked the original
sweet vid though

YourWifeAndKids says:

So. Good. I love how you guys have amended the song!

kumquatmagoo says:

Another corker Simon!

Will 😀

hollywoodgurl18 says:

Just heard this this morning. I really dig it:) cool sound.

Jolean Wong says:

Lovelovelove. Biggest understated artist by far…

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