Sleep training for infants – Akron Children's Hospital video

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Is it okay to let your baby “cry it out” when you put them to bed? In this Children’s Channel video, Jamie Travis, PhD, a pediatric psychologist at Akron Children’s Hospital, offers some strategies to help infants – and their parents – get a good night’s sleep.


Mommy & Me - For Better Parenting says:

This can be a good baseline. Self soothing may be a bad idea tho at a young age. A lot of babies need a parents touch at a very early age.

Bree S. says:

Info from 30 years ago! We now know it’s not healthy to let and infant “cry it out.” Know better, do better. This video is harmful.

petrified amber says:

People need to have some knowledge be before having babirs

petrified amber says:

I'd they have should know

petrified amber says:

I get it but nah

Tom Fidanza says:

uh im here bc of melon wtf

Amanda Williams says:

This video was a waste of my time

Nune Levonyan says:

My baby is nine months old, just learned to stand up in the crib. Wakes up at 3am and starts to climb up the crib and stand up all the time, no minute of rest for us or him. Is it right to let him do it till he gets tired and eventually sleeps? Actually there s nothing else to do on these moments because nothing else works.

SootheTV says:

Sleep training is so tough. White noise helps!

LullaBabies Channel says:

I only have one child. I decided to only breast feed him and I thought I had the milk he needed. so he was crying, and crying every time I would put him down in his crib. he would only calm down when having the nipple in his mouth. I went to ask a specialized breastfeeding consultant…. they insisted on me having him to my chest and make sure he moves his mouth actively to take milk. the 20 min on a side, 20 min on another every 2-3 hours or so….don't remember…. then I heard about cluster-feeding…. while my son was literally starving with me next to him. he would sleep well throughout the night but cranky and crying during daytime. So I went to the dr and asked what can I do. the baby wasn't yet loosing weight, but not gaining either. once I introduced some formula after breastfeeding every time first, he would be so happy and good little boy. now he is a relative good eater and he's 4 and very funny and smart little boy. I still blame myself for not listening completely my instincts in the beginning. So, in my case, no colicky baby, no sick but HUNGRY baby that wouldn't stop crying until fed well. I advice, before you decide a method to calm down your child, check everything possible and make sure your baby doesn't have other needs.

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