Sims 4 Barbie (Prt 6) Pregnant with Twins! Belly Progression Week by Week

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Barbie and Ken are pregnant with twins! Watch Barbie’s belly grow day by day until birth. =)
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Sims 4 skin / makeup:

Maternity Outfits / Lingerie / Swimsuit:

Hermes Birkin Hand Bag:

Versace Palazzo Medusa Slingback Pumps:

Female Barbie Hair

Professional Photo Studio Set by Mia Kewai

BGM1: Tobu – Candyland
Thanks so much to Tobu for such amazing tunes!

Creative Commons — Attribution 4.0 International — CC BY 4.0

Audio Library:

BGM2: Go to Sleep My Little One

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Margherita Intini says:

molto carino e fatto bene

Lea E says:

I'm pregnant

LyricalKat says:

how many days does it take for a sims pregnncy (in sims 4) oh and great work on video

iiiAllyCat says:

Is it me, or does it look like her boobs get bigger too?

galaxy nekogamergem icecreamsweet101 says:

What's the song

Ana Luyza Gerreiro Gomes says:

ela vai estora

Hanna Dietvorst says:

I find sexy clothes beautiful!

Simmer Studios says:

I absolutely love all your sims videos! Your sims are just so beautiful! Just liked and subbed, so pretty please with candy on top check out my channel! <3

Lesley Long says:

Name them Allie and Jake

Beyondflawless24 says:

my sims belly never looked that big even for twins

nurita aisyah says:

keren mennn

Jessica Sherman says:

I love this picture

skyla lavine says:

their names should be Abby and Gabby

Valerie Liew says:

that so funny hahhahha

Nellie Andino says:

In real life mothers take out there's boob to feed there babies,it's a natural part of life Wich is beautiful ♥️

Sherrece Rooks says:

can you make a another video like this.

Jordan's Life says:

She gets so big

Zuzanna McGeachy says:

bez sensu

Hej Manden says:

Do u have Download the Clothing? Because I LOVE IT!! <33 >)

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