Simple Post Pregnancy Tummy Workout + Easy Diastasis Recti Exercise for Women

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pallavi sharma says:

Please tell some excersize for sagging breast

Mohamed Sajitha says:

Intha exercise night seiyalama

Asmar Day says:

I really like end am am new friend

roxanne blones says:

Can i do this 1 month after vaginal delivery?

Ichie Yu says:

I really like this song. Can you tell me what is this song?

Shalini Vallalathevan says:

For csection after how many months we can do tis….plz answer

Uzma Khan says:

Do you really think it's that easy to do all these exercises post pregnancy… The one doing it is a fit women

Ehraam Jatoi says:

Timing kya hy exercise ki??? Aur khane se pehle ya khane k bd plzzz rep

aakanksha dhankhar says:

How much time it should b done regularly

Isha Mishra says:

Mam 3 yrs complete ho chuke h c section ko kya abhi b exercise ka asar hoga

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