Silicone Fake Pregnant Belly 8-9 Months

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Silicone fake pregnant belly in a 8-9 month size – high quality, realistic fake baby bumps available to buy from


Livy Douce says:

be clear people these are for shows and movies

Sharon Taylor says:

these products should be illegal. Why would anybody but this

Aphiwe Mamashia says:

Yoh I lied to my b.f u said Im preg so I need it

Ariana says:

so is this used by actress in movies?

Agatha Mariano says:

Why would anyone want it

Justin R says:

wow they look so real. Too bad more weight couldn't be added to make it more realistic especially for the 8-9 month bump

Niraa Tae-nkYou says:

How big can you make them?

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