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Silicone Baby Doll Tips! How to Prepare for a Silicone Baby Doll! Excited to be getting a newborn baby doll? Here’s what you need to know before it arrives at home!. Silicone Baby Dolls are a kind of realistic baby doll or reborn baby doll. They are beautiful pieces of art. I love reborn baby dolls!
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About my silicone babies:
Wynter is a full silicone baby doll. She is the Chantal sculpt by Olivia Stone. And Nehemiah is the silicone baby doll from the Cynthia Anna sculpt, by Aimee Strickland. You can find silicone baby dolls for sale on their webpages.

I love my reborn babies, silicone babies, and reborn toddlers! Subscribe to my channel for more videos of the Silicone baby dolls: Wynter, Silicone Baby Nehemiah, & the rest of the reborn baby dolls. I film reborn roleplays with my reborn dolls. I love reborn babies and I am a reborn artist. On camera I like to film reborn baby morning routines, reborn baby night routines, reborn baby blanket reveals, reborn baby outing, reborn baby box openings, reborn baby day in the life, reborn baby feeding and much more! There is a lot of fun and creativity that goes into the filming of my reborn baby dolls.

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Tabitha Kirby says:

why don't u show your face

Jenna Skipper says:

Do you have to feed the reborns

Holly Church says:

Very informative. I'm getting my first silicone in a few weeks, so this was helpful. Thank you!

maariah jennell says:

Have u had an Ashton drake doll before

bubble's babies says:

Very helpful!!! Thank you!!! :) ♡♡♡

Chelsey Carey says:

Real milk or fake milk

Casey's Reborn babies says:

Thank you for uploading this it's really helped. I make videos on my channel too

Delois Green says:

can u give me one

Lilas Lemay says:

Thank you for your video.

Lily Lopez says:

what website did you get winter off of and how much was she

crazed armin fangirl (Armin's baby mama) says:

When will the Jerome kit be up for adoption
how much will he cost
how long will it take for him to get to me, if I can get himself

youngreborn mommy says:

I love u so much

Mary O says:

great tips for first time silicone baby owners. definitely the one about holding off on buying too many clothes (and shoes) until you see the baby, is very true.

Micah Mitchell says:

I love you pls I need to prove my mom that i can get a reborn so one question :do they really drink and poop

lisa irving says:

what about prince would he ever ruin your silicone and reborns

Kamryn Van Horn says:

any know where she gets her baby sounds from

Natalie Thompson says:

my mum said I am to old for dolls

Melissa C says:

omg I really needed for you to make this video for a long time! I'm getting my first silicone baby on Christmas so thank you for the video! also be expecting a letter from me very soon!

heyitsdestiny says:

can people suggest names 4 my 1st silicone baby to choose from thxs

Khaleah Johnson says:

What will be a good Silicone doll to buy?

Jalynn Harris says:

can you please do a baby giveaway

Sky sky says:

thank you very much for this video because I am getting two babies, one from Ashton drake and one from esty

Alycia Miller says:

great tips

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