Shakira’s Hot And Big Pregnant Photo Out! [HD]

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Check out Shakira baring her big tummy and sharing with her fans this awesome pregnant photo in this high quality 1080p video.

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Kaif Siddiqe says:


earlzwow says:

Everybody, please , just chill.
Now I wish to speak of Shakira’s and Gerard baby bump,
“Those are the most beautiful photos, and WOW ! Shakira, you are always B E
A U T I F U L.
Never you guys mind what the gossips have to say, good or bad.
The one thing that matters is the giving of your LOVE.
And in closing, a blessing on your family.
peace and love,

Bob Steve says:

“let us know what you think by liking this video” dat logic.

جود .س says:

Skakira is dirty is she a muslim its haram to do this stuff shakira dont do
this with ur bf be a muslim its yuk i hate u u do stupid stuff i just love
waka waka all ur song are dirty i hate u and ur hot bf!

muffin love says:

I love the silky white dress picture;)

Nelaballi Sham Sunder Reddy says:

Great snaps.

Thomas Kincade says:


Ruveyda Kabalar says:

Shakira ist schwanger?OMG

mark b says:

i think that really hurt to barrie a child sorry for u shakira but hope
she will love the child


jeejej hermosa

karenjoh333 says:

pregnant women are so beautiful

Fianna Huang - Ryan says:

shes beautiful pregnant

Madison Burks says:

She is still beautiful even we

tamer kösen says:

shakira first time the baby a kiss to fans

Tofiq Mehdiyev says:

Ohhhh yeahhh

Markus Nilsson says:

uhh 9 year old boy commentator?

ali khan ladwan says:

sola zawani

Madison Burks says:

She is beautiful even when she is pregnant

Sahar says:

Why does she hide her lebanese part? She stole the belly dance from her
lebanese part. Shakira is an Arabic name meaning grateful, and her last
name is Mebarak.(Arabic)

cha billy says:

Tums up!

780Sasquatch says:

i think like many many other men….i wish i was the father lol

KristyDiane100 says:


shwemsy says:

“They are Arabs too after all”. OMG. I don’t think you realize how ignorant
you are.

Claptrap Swag says:

Isn’t Hizzbullah Lebanese ? Didn’t the Lebanese fight each others based on
their beliefs and sects, of course they are terrorists, they are Arabs too
after all.

HYUN HEE says:

my IDOL has baby now..:) cute

samantha joubert says:

Wow nice

Claptrap Swag says:

Do you watch the news regularly ? who wants to be related to those barbaric
terrorists, I don’t blame her at all for being proud of being Colombian
instead of Lebanese.

chelsea richardson says:

do she want some more??

Monse Guajardo says:

i am so happy for her !!!!

LittleLulubee says:

I cannot stand this voice

claudia carrasco says:

I like the pictures, and all about Shakira.

Kya Murray says:


Julianna Macias says:


Mary Bunny says:


Zayn Malik!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! says:

Bloody indians. Notice how she said TUMBS up no THUMBS up

katiecakes0118 says:


Julie Leek says:

those pictures are a lot better than kim kardiashian’s

Rosario Glass says:

Congrats thumbs up for you I can’t wait until you baby comes out

Gedeane Pereira says:


Claptrap Swag says:

ignorance is assuming something is bad that could possibly be good. There
is nothing good about the Arabs, name one beneficial thing at this day and
age that the Arabs did other than causing terrorists attacks.

tina lina says:

if she was hiding it then she wouldn’t be belly dancing at all. Coming from
Colombia myself, trust me WE ALL KNOW she isn’t just Colombian. I mean we
can try and attempt to look as fluid as her but that woman definitley has
got something special in her blood- aka. her lebanese part.

Shuriken ЯØکŶ 日本 says:




mark cuevas says:

she is so sexy when shes pregnant , I hope she can be pregnant again and
shows more beautiful pictures of her belly

Alejandra Dominguez says:

The narrators voice is annoying

shwemsy says:

Barbaric terrorists ? Do you even know lebanese politics ? You should turn
off Fox News.

Munash Ahmed says:


ChaosKarloo says:

She doesn’t. In many of her performances, she actually embraces it.

hrenesanders says:


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