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This is just crazy! LAST VLOG:
My Makeup Channel:
My Mom is still in the hospital, but hopefully today is an even better day for her. Her recovery for this stomach surgery has been terrible. I am so thankful that Ares can be here with me during this hard time. Thank you for watching and being on this journey through life with us :)


sarah abdoon says:

I graduated from high school! and i’ll be going to canada this summer for

Louise S says:

Aww Zar that was so sweet of you to mention me! :) So cool to see the card
I sent you. So happy your Mum had a better day, its only going to get
better from here x

steven valentine says:

As an 18 year old boy I just lost all my dignity and my man cad was just
shredded for subscribe ingredients but I don’t care you two are so awesome
and cute together not even living in two did rent continents stops your

JayVlogger says:


NiDaElke says:

Subscribing to this channel isn’t the manliest thing that I’ve did in my
life. At the beginning I was drown by the beauty of the girl which name is
still a mystery for me.
But after few vlogs, I have stopped watching it because of the way someone
looks, but because of the way she perceive world around her, mostly
describing it as Wonderful, Beautiful… And that’s the reason why I’m
still watching your vlog on youtube. Simply there is something between you
both, something that I’ve been looking for whole my live, and that’s LOVE.
Love full of acceptance, care, desire… Love between two people that
complement each other. I hope that this story will end with this sentence ”
And they lived happily ever after.” Good Luck !!!
P.S I’m a little bit jealous.

Cassie Sanborn says:

Your videos always make me smile. :)

Sarah Farlow says:

♡♥hello I’m a sub WANTED TO SAY…. I love u two’s
ALSO WITHOUT BEING TOOOOO SHY ETC!!!! BUT Aww u guys are so cute
together…I believe WHEN U TWO ARE PARENTS ur guys child the
cutest LIL thing :-* ♥♥ **usually when u dream about being preggo or about
a baby in general either u been thinking an hoping to be preggo TOOOOO
much….lol…or… telling you that it’s time and you are ready to
reach ur milestone in life n prepare to start a family soon!!!!! Remember
stress is not good for baby nor urge self!!!! God has plans for u both
leave all ur worries in his hands 😉 good luck with everything and I’ll be
watching n waiting for more updates.annnnnnnnnnnndddddd PRANKS** TA TA.

Abdullah Sultan says:

Omg this couple is like the couple in the Twilght movies, I love it! New
subscriber :)

jackiecerda3 says:

not once did i see a pregnant belly

A Ka says:

You two would have SUCHHH a beautiful baby together. I’m excited for the
day y’all get engaged, then married…ohhh and your baby would be gorgeous!
Haha :)

Also- I love those popcorn pop up bowls! My favorite :)

beautybyleahx says:

Love your vlogs I hope your mom gets well soon! :) xx

MustLovePoop says:

is she wearing blue eye contacts?

starr oglivie says:

were you pregnant?

Katy Powley says:

Sending lots of love your way xxx

Kolton The Human says:

Hey Zar and Are! I’m 19 years old and my girlfriend and I have been doing
long distance for a couple years now. It’s not fun, but you know it’s worth
it. I just want to say you two inspire me with your relationship. Thank you
for being such an incredible source of positive power! I was thinking about
making a blog channel of my own, I dunno haha. You two are amazing!

Baylee Dunn says:

I’m kinda late to the vLogs can anyone tell me what happened to her mom

Ten Eff says:

he looks like ansel elgort amagad

dema said says:

You guys look great together. just found out your vlog and loved it xxxx

FireDevil 87 says:

but where was the belly? ;))

Odd Aanes says:

Your so cool!

Issac Lee says:

The good thing for me today is I just got out of hospital, I was in
hospital for 3 weeks so I’m soooo happy I’m out!

SoChHiDa Heng says:

You guys are so adorable!!!!

Jess C says:

What’s good today is that IT’S MY BIRTHDAY! I turned 19, I’m done with my
finals (thank god), tomorrow I’m leaving for my senior trip, I got some
awesome presents like my two pairs of heels from my friend cuz I’m in love
with shoes AND one of my dreams in life is to have an awesome shoe
collection lol, AND finally I’m graduating in a week and moving on to
college! Wow that was a lot, sorry for making it soooo long but life is
pretty awesome for me right now :)

jerryeng17 says:

Zar, if you insist to know what’s good in my day is ( drum please…) is
watching your vlog, i mean it… i’m still praying that you would someday
do daily vlog 😀 

Michel Rodriguez says:

I think you would make such a good mother :)

Gucci Flora says:

you two are soo cute together !! ^_^ 

Art Master says:

I got out of the hospital today

Jenna Alawadhi says:

Today i had a good day because my friend survived from a car crash

LoveBerryLily says:

Hope your mom gets better soon!!! 

aracelis abad says:

I can’t keep track of the videos honestly

Corie Ewan says:

Your vlogs make me feel happy again:) my mom verbally abuses me & I get sad
so I watch your videos, it makes me feel happy again & forget the sadness:)

Georgia R says:

You guys are such a good couple! I like your voice its so cute and u look
so beautiful! I hope your mum is alright xx :)

Fhaq11 says:

Are you guys living together now?

You are lucky that hes with you through these tough times while your
dealing with your mom.

Hout Chanmony says:

U guys done a gud job wow proud of u 2 u know.all the best and hope all ur
paper works progressing through soon.i knew how it feels as i had to do all
the paper works as well so not easy but end of the day thing get done and u
will get there.keep up and i want to say u guys a very cute couple.all the
best and hope ur mum get better soon.take care :-)

josh woodard says:

Please say hi to me I watch all your vids

Jessica Romo says:

What’s good in my day??? Well, my boyfriend was having a really bad day and
just being there for him. I struggle with depression and he’s always right
there next to me telling me to keep strong. It was good to be the one
saying “Stay strong.. There is still hope.” 

aliah daniel says:

My day becuase it was peaceful and i got my braces off .:D :p

Black Hole Sun says:

You are making me very optimistic about my day,that is the first good thing
about this day and I thank you for that.

Alina Saint says:

Where do you live xxx

paola maldonado says:

I got starbucks

Estefanie Diaz says:

I missed watching this blogs of yours I havnt watched them lately because
I’ve been gone I’m starting to watch where I left off because they are

Deanna Lawrence says:

*whats good with me today*
Its been a peaceful day for me :) done nothing much been feeling sleepy :p
and my fiancé said he’s gonna make me a special dinner tonight when he’s
back from work<3
and there lots of programmes and videos to catch up on online with :)
and its a good day when you post a video :) love you guys <3 xx

vloggingblonde . says:
Nikki Maxwell says:
aracelis abad says:

Love ur eyes!!!!!!!!!!!!!

tahana morales says:

Aware you guys ever gonna get married

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