See baby moving and stretching while still inside amniotic sac AFTER being born in rare phenomenon

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This is the incredible moment a new-born baby arrived still inside its amniotic sac, completely intact.

The tiny infant can be seen moving and stretching still inside the sac, as medics prepare to snip the new born free.


Lee Marie says:

Can someone explain how this happened?

Aishwarya Acharya says:

Soooo que te

Rustiani Kolaka says:


Vanitha Vani says:

ethu eppadi posipl

Derie Airy says:

Nature is cool

Queen Kee says:

Can a baby survive like that without a host?

Gadhvi Production says:

O my hod ehat happend to the mother I am scared. is she well can I get answer

G Scarlatti says:

Put that thing in the freezer and you’d have one hell of a curling rock.

zadose says:

wtf is this alien shit? lol so interesting..

Daughter of The Most High says:

Oh my goodness, that is creepy…..

Ryan Fausnaugh says:

I think this is fake..that babies hand was was all huge

Stan Simona says:

Is that baby even breathing wtf

Галина Енина says:


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