Season 8 Official Trailer: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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Well, a thing or two has happened since we’ve been away, but we’ll be back soon! See you on February 14th.

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Mr. Bongs BurgH says:

Jesus christ work much

jarrod yuki says:

america needs to: 1. gentrify the cities 2. kill all pets 3. reduce California taxes by half. 4. reform medicare and dental care. 5. tackle obesity, college tuition, and incarceration. 6. legalize class c drugs 7. give ubi to everyone. 8. deinstitutionalize the mentally ill. 9. also all american men should be bald no hair longer than 0.3 cm. 10. build infrastructure 11. reduce cost of day care 12. introduce gene drives.

Robert Ventora says:

When is the next video?

MiWiArts says:

Oh my god I can't believe Oliver got the Rat Erotica

eyedoughnut says:

hay adam,eye know your reading my comments,so eye only have one question 4 yah,is anyone in your family a passenger?

Adrienne Ábrahám says:

Nagyon várom már!

Holden Ricker says:

Now you have no one to talk shit about anymore! Biased f*ck

Robbie DeMars says:

Yes he’s gonna talk about the Chinese Anti Muslim Cactus

Comrade B says:

John, I love you. You've been deeply missed and things have been weird without you. Anyways, some crazy shit happened in Washington and we need to talk about it.

Mr. Bojangles says:

Now that the Cheeto in chief is gone, what’s John going to talk about now?

omega 8290 says:

now you are making valentines day good…adam driver should be pleased after your hearing about hilarious dirty talking as he keeps washing off that disney star wars piss that splashed on him a bit from the messed up idiots of woke lucasfilm…keep on exploiting our messed up nation John. you do it great and funny as it should be done

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