Safe sleep tips for your baby | Risks of swaddling

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Close | Learn how to provide your infant with a safe sleep environment and understand the risks of swaddling. Tips from Sunnybrook’s Women & Babies Program.


Geneva White says:

Nevi s Baby Called Ashley

Nunya Bizness says:

I'm so scared I dont think I'll be able to sleep when my daughter is born… I just want her to be safe .

KeaBabies says:

Very helpful video – Thank you!

Adrianna Taylor says:

That’s a dill

Alex Garcia says:

My wife and I are discussing a pacifier, we know it reduces sids by up to 90%, our son is 7 days old, and she wants to wait for a couple of months. Should we give it to him? He eats from a bottle and a breast with a breast shield

Kp Fash says:

Don't know if I should swaddle

Nowell Holmes says:

Thanks for the info

Richard Hamilton says:


Very good Video.

What other hacks have you got?

Right now i'm looking at other tip websites


Enjoy the day

Lolita Cha says:

How do pacifiers reduce sids ??

s m says:

This video is more scary than informative

Komal J says:

Such an informative and useful video Thank you

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