Safe Sleep Practices: How to correctly swaddle your baby

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Swaddling should only be used on babies up to 2 months of age. Check for tightness. You should be able to slide your hand between the blanket and your baby’s chest. You should still be able to bend your baby’s hips easily with room for the baby to move his/her hips or legs. If your baby is swaddled too loosely, the blanket can come undone and can cause your baby to suffocate. Watch this video for a quick demonstration on how to properly swaddle your baby.


R So says:

Horrible Horrible demonstration…. You should learn how to do it correctly before you try and teach others.

LulzRoyce says:

Just get a zip up one and you don't have to worry about the dude slipping out. It's not even that much more expensive why cheapen out on getting a blanket that's more work to swaddle and isn't consistent.

Kristel Olmedo says:

That was wrong

ThaiBox2007 says:

Love how it immediately didn't work. Thanks tips lol

Olivia Gudaniec says:

Swaddling can be tough! That’s why I reached out to a pro and recorded her doing it haha

Kevin Ball says:

Your swaddle game is weak sista

Mayuran Satkunam says:

My baby knows how to come out of it .. she will cry if swaddled ..

John Doe says:

Lesson learned: don't swaddle your baby.

Kshynes says:

Swaddle? More like a swadont amirite? Lol

johnny pumper says:

Lmao whats the point of that! Why not use a tea towel next time

Michael P says:

how not to swaddle

E. P.V. says:

A criança já nasce numa camisa de força. Que horrível.
Eu jamais faria isso com uma criança. Feliz são as crianças que nascem no interior, dorme no balaio de bambu, apenas com uma fralda de tecido. Afff

Ms Aguirre says:

That don't work

Nathalie Jiron says:

Horrible job

hater above all says:

I think u should learn from howtobasic

R.I.P Donna G. Castleberry says:

I'm babysitting twins my cousins and one of them was sleeping and I tried to swaddle the one that was awake he was clawing my face and rolling it didn't work he woke his brother

Nathan D. says:

Fuck you and your shitty swaddle video

Lite Up says:

Worst demonstration

Kaitlyn Lobby says:

I don’t think she did a good job

Chase Anderson says:

When she covered the blankets around the arms without folding the babies arms down, I was like.. wait a minute, what kind of blanket is she using to pull that one off. Then the babies arm slipped out.. bahaha exactly….

Felix harley Hisona says:

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