Russ – The Flute Song (Official Video)

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My new album, ZOO, is available here:

Song produced by Scott Storch @scottstorchofficial

Video directed by Edgar Esteves

Twitter : @russdiemon @edgarestevess
Instagram : @russ @edgarestevess
Facebook : @russtheone


TWR says:

shit I mean he talks about what a boss he is throughout the whole album, bosses hire people to do the dirty business for them, so I guess it makes sense, in a way
what doesn't make sense is the shit he got mad over, it didn't need to go there

RL says:

Don’t even really fuck with Russ specially since s he’s a little bitch. Shoutout to Scott Storch with this beat tho niggas back and off the coke

bogdan Z says:

The best song 2018 …

Yosief Selassie says:

Keep on going man! Fuck all haters

Freeman Alland says:

lol, this guy is a pussy

Tommy ss says:

come get it russ bois


I ain't no Russ hater but this song is trash I dont see how u act so good when ur music is average at best

Tristan Heet says:

It still fuck russ

RocketUzi 03 says:

With Or Without A Crew Russ Is Still Underrated

Shaurya Sanghvi says:

say what u want about russ, but u better not talk shit about dem flutes. those shits were going hard

B e N i says:

Man really had to stand on a box what a fucking L

Logan Emily says:

this dude makes music that seems like he be loving dick

Jones Sampaio says:

MC Fioti 1b de views

ShrekEmperor says:

Fucc russ amirite

genevive says:

all flutes r triggered

Matt Hom says:

Listens to Portland once

Swineflu QRY says:

People with an extremely higher then average IQ don't go "igot high iq" Half of your songs are mumble trash rap and you're unable to even pronounce any of the words you're dropping

P J says:

I feel like he ripped off Denzel Curry

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