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Jon has reddit’s /r/roastme take a crack at Geoff Ramsey

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Xprizzle says:

Either Michael or Bernie

FinalViking115 says:

Geoff looks like Kenny from Telltales TWD.

The Trash Mammal says:

Webcam Gus frightened me.

Tufcat says:

When Geoff isn't smiling or anything he looks like Kratos

Matt says:

Geoff Exotic

Dodge! says:

When’s Jon gonna get roasted lol

Snufkin says:

The walking dead thing was about scott gimple i think, he looks alot like him. Plus hes the one to blame for twd being awful.

Greyy says:

c'mon geoff radiohead is great. and I'm not even 14 anymore

Purpleslimevsgaming 1 says:

I T ' S J O N ' S T U R N

Jessie Rose says:

Noooo stop being mean to him

Radiant Silver Labs says:

wanna be mates with geoff, wish id lived with him like the legend g free.

thedman0310 says:

If they do this with Gavin, 80% of the jokes would be about his nose

S M says:

Geoff is like everyone’s violent but lovable uncle

Samantha Godard says:

They should have mentioned his middle name to reddit. I’m sure there are some clever people who could think of roasts to do with a middle name being Lazer.

Baker says:

I'm new here and i'm really curious why I see all these guys on so many different YT channels with millions of views.
Could somebody explain to me what each channel does and are they all in the same corporate building?

If so, where do I apply? :3

Joe Bro says:

After working in Achievement hunter for 10+ years, Geoff has probably heard every insult under the sun just from his co-workers.

Roxas1314 says:

I love that his own kid can troll him through others. Amazing.

MrTechnoTaco says:

Please please Barbara next.

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