Reborn Baby POOPS! GROSS DIAPER CHANGE! Reborn Baby Dolls Morning Routine! Change Diaper Drink Milk!

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Full body silicone baby Wynter is my silicone baby doll who is full of surprises, and so is my reborn baby doll Golden! Look at what kind of trouble my silicone baby doll and my reborn baby dolls get into! Reborn Baby Doll poops in his diaper..gross! I love reborn baby dolls!
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About my silicone babies:
Wynter is a full silicone baby doll. She is the Chantal sculpt by Olivia Stone. And Nehemiah is the silicone baby doll from the Cynthia Anna sculpt, by Aimee Strickland. You can find silicone baby dolls for sale on their webpages.

I love my reborn babies, silicone babies, and reborn toddlers! Subscribe to my channel for more videos of the Silicone baby dolls: Wynter, Silicone Baby Nehemiah, & the rest of the reborn baby dolls. I film reborn roleplays with my reborn dolls. I love reborn babies and I am a reborn artist. On camera I like to film reborn baby morning routines, reborn baby night routines, reborn baby blanket reveals, reborn baby outing, reborn baby box openings, reborn baby day in the life, reborn baby feeding and much more! There is a lot of fun and creativity that goes into the filming of my reborn baby dolls.

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Tara Mcrae says:

were do you get thos bady

Future Fanboyz says:

His sister sounds like Alvin

Maria Catalan says:

Do rebeorns actually poop?

nigi&indy Brown says:

Don't you ever put baby pwder on their butts when they get changed into another diaper

sylvia Hutchie says:

i want one of these dolls omg!!

Valerie Johnson says:

where do u get those full silicone babies

Jada King says:

golden and winter is my grand children

M Kohtz says:

Kenzie Vlogs that's very rude why you put that

M Kohtz says:

I love to see all those cute faces on your baby every day they're so adorable

Laura Elena Esparza says:

how do these dolls work? like for the feeding & the pooping, etc? plus, is this like a hobby or-can someone explain please!

Roy Zarate says:

does Golden actually poo

Aelf Lhamy (KULT on TOUR) says:

why is she carring a doll like a real baby?

Zoe Moore says:

if you had real kids you would be a great mom

Nancy Lopez says:

I don't care I love it

agan of klas bossi Agan says:

ne razumem

Katrina Smith says:

is golden real

Shelbynightowl Overwater says:

Tiny poop monster nephew! ❤

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