Rays vs. Blue Jays Game Highlights (7/9/21) | MLB Highlights

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Rays vs. Blue Jays full game highlights from 7/9/21

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The Cycling Couple says:

Bad game for the Jays :(

Snooze King says:

I hate the Blue Jays; I hope they never win another game.

Kid Poker says:

look at the jays numbers vs the mariners yet the mariners have the better record

Daniela says:

Rays up!!!!

ziggy C says:

Where is Franco?

Jon Zorn says:

Are defense is starting to look solid again.

Chairman Meow says:

Choi is so damn likable

Ann dd says:

Giman choi♥

Tear Drop says:

Go Ji-man Choi!!

Poppin' Wheeliezzz says:

Another day another Jay's dog of a game at the Trop. Bases loaded in the first….wa wa wa waaaaaa

Stan Archer says:

One team has a MLB bullpen and can play defence. The other team is Buffalo.

Marcus welby says:

rays catch boston

Marcus welby says:

nice shades of blue

Marcus welby says:

nice shades of blue your an aqua velva man

J says:

castro has entered my tank team, thorton, dolis, chatwood

Nader Esmael says:

That close up of Jiman Choi was the most funniest trot and run of happiness I have seen. I need that vibe haha


I don’t even watch the games I just come here

tiredjeww says:

Where’s the Mets game

e nter says:

Kevin knows all about Montoyo's strategy.
Montoyo hold a person in the palm of Cash's hand

Mr & Mrs Toronto Sports Fan says:

Let's go Blue Jays!!

Jedidr says:

McClanahan actually had a pretty good outing, but he allowed a lot of hits. Walls and Phillips did amazing this game. #RaysUp

Haunted Tank says:

Go Rays nice job guys

Brandon Lamb says:

Ray's really need to find a true consistent with good batting average for a lead off hitter. Brandon Lowe just cant handle that position as a lead off hitter.

CentralGaming says:

I was here :)

Brandon Lamb says:

Let's freaken go Ray's are now on a 5 winning streak! #RaysUp #ChampaBay

MSG Is A Factory Of Sadness says:

When are blue jays fans gonna admit that their team isn't good

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