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Theo is already eating solids! He’s doing really well and looooves mama’s homemade baby food. Here’s how I did it – a step by step guide for you first time mama’s! It’s easier than you think 😘

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Sheerley Ariesty says:

Kebanyakan muka nya

Kyrstin Hoff says:

Absolutely loved this video! My son is almost three months old and I’m trying to prep baby food for him before I go back to work because I know he’ll soon need more than breast milk. Thanks for a quick and easy run through the whole process!

Victoria Lawton says:

Thanks for the video, very helpful! I watched twice in a row hehe can't wait to try!

Envy RodrigueZ says:

This was a great video! Thank you! My baby is going to start eating puree foods in about 2 weeks lol and these are great ideas! And pretty explainable thank you!

Liz H says:

You are a genius lady!

Ashleigh says:

I was freaking out about weaning and felt the pressure of making my own baby food, I am so glad that I came across this video in my searches to learn how to make my own food as this video shows the whole process from making it, storing it, thawing it and serving. I feel so much more confident about weaning, so thank you for creating a great and informative video x

Meredith Bailey says:

Where did you get those molds? I’m trying to add variety and stock up on frozen options.

Amanda Doolittle says:

Hi there, I prepped my own purees and froze them exactly how you did in your video. I take them out the night before to thaw in the fridge and then I warm them in my bottle warmer so that they are warm when I feed them to her, but they are always very watery and slushy …. what am I doing wrong ??? HELP PLEASE :) thank you!!!!!!

john davis says:

babies younger than 1 year old should never be given honey. These bacteria are harmless to older kids and adults. That's because their mature digestive systems can move the toxins through the body before they cause harm. Infant botulism usually affects babies who are 3 weeks to 6 months old.

Mommyscoolworld TV says:

This is great!!!

Courtney Lockman says:

Never store baby food in the freezer uncovered!

TheRavenCycle Reader says:

At what age did you decided to feed theo? And how often did you feed him?

judithcazares27 says:

I know there's no right or wrong, maybe. But I can't find the answer on any videos I've watched! Hope you can help.

If I want to add breastmilk to his food. (From my frozen milk stash)
1. Do I mix it in, when blending the veggies to store back in freezer? (Or no, because that would technically be thawing breastmilk, and freezing it again)
2. Do I have to pump fresh milk if I want to add to fresh baby meal prep.
3. Blend veggies without milk, at a thicker consistency, and add the milk when serving to eat?

By the way, thanks for the tip to label food in ziploc bags! I know I did this for breastmilk, but never thought about doing it for purees! Thanks!

Godslove Owusu Appiah says:

Hey I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate you making this video. It literally saved my life. Thank you so much and God bless you.

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