PREPARING FOR NEWBORN BABY! – October 04, 2012 – itsJudysLife Vlog

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Benji’s Green Juice video
Whats in my Hospital Bag
Amy’s wedding Hair + Makeup
yesterday’s Vlog :

Welcome to our Everyday Lives! We finally tied the knot on Aug. 12, 2011. See our Wedding Series here

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Zlaya Tetka says:

Are you guys fillipino?

Nowshin Pial says:

I tried natto few days back, and I actually liked the taste, and going to try it again 😀

Bambi Young says:

Yuck that soy stuff look nasty.

Małgosia L says:

I have to try natto and lumpia 😀

vivivincenza says:

Natto and spring onions is THE BEST match !!

country9793 says:

not always.. If you have good quality eggs, fresh and organic. It wont hurt ya.. I make a protein shake with a raw egg , doent do anything… And he puts it over hot rice. it will help kinda cook it.

Emily Carlone says:

i was laughing so hard at the underwear!

Lizeth Maya says:

Youll eat so healthy i made the green protein smoothie benji makes and it has alot of vitamines but im pregnant and have anemia and im not use to be eating or drinking healthy so i got really really sick :( but i liked the smoothie

Sarah08 says:

My moms Japanese so I was so excited to hear that you guys are Japanese too because I speak it all the time at home

Joyphyllis1 says:

decided to watch old videos today of judy and i cant believe how far we've come "see, what i did there? lol-"we've"

Jellie E. says:

OMG. ITt's knorr Sinigang! Its so nice to know that judy knows hoy to cook filipino dishes!

zookyzooky perez says:

omg eating raw yolks give you salminela and you can get really sick

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