Prenatal Belly Dance Basics 1 – Instructional Clip

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Expecting soon? Have a hard time putting exercise in your pregnant lifestyle? This short easy prenatal Belly Dance instructional video will help your body get some great stretching, quickly and comfortably. Connect with your baby with the art of Belly Dance with smooth, elegant movements to make you and your baby feel nicely refreshed.
Instructed by Joany from Feminicity.

Song: Valley of the Queens – Cleopatra’s Part Mix
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melediv says:

That was so sweet at the end when you touched your daughter’s belly

Alexandra A. says:

you are amazing with so self-confidence.good job.i want and the second part

Alycedable says:

That was fun, thank you!

marcerywafer says:

excelente!!! y la segunda parte??? sube más por favor!

Ostetrica Mena Verde says:

Thank you so much dear!!!! :)

Feminicity says:

My daughter did some gentle belly rolls and figure 8s which helped with
labor pain. She also found that bouncing on a yoga ball helped tension in
her lower back. Dancing also calmed her down and made her focus on
something other than the pain.

Ostetrica Mena Verde says:

Wonderful! The are you widewives and we’re starting prenataòl belly dance
course. Can we know the name of this song please? that’s wonderful and so

Feminicity says:

That’s great! I bought the cd from Keti Sharif and the name of the cd is
“Cleopatra’s Part Mix” and the name of the song is “Valley of the Queens”

Angélica Fula says:

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