Pregnant Yorkie Tummy Part 1 of 2

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Nudelsalatbomber says:

how did this end? why did you never upload about the new born pups??

SilverHandVideos says:

@Cutiie4lyfe98 yorkies are all the same, just different size’s there are no
real “tea cup yorkies” just yorkies as 4 punds or less. so rreally, your
dog is just a small dog mixed with a big dog. sorry, i am not ttrying to
sound mean at all, i just wanted to tell you, but im sure its very cute :)

xForeverMinex says:

hello! i have a neigbor who got a yorkie (female) and she goes allways
crazy when she sees me.she is so sweet. will you record the birth of the
puppies too?i hope so.and then please upload this.

taralou8165 says:

that is so sad im sorry…: (

kewontre says:

should’ve gotten a german shepherd…yorkies are bitch made..get a dominate
dog..go for the GSD!!!

Nicekiller4 says:

that is amazing! :O such a cute dog. amazing video. 5/5

Cutiie4lyfe98 says:

i have a teacup yorkie it is a boy he is mixed with a yorkie terrier my
puppy is only 3 weeks on monday he is going to be 4 weeks his b-day is
april 6 2009

soldierbunny says:

my chihuahua also gave birth to 5 puppies 1 week ago and at first she gave
birth to 2 but she had 3 more girls inside and one died oh and they had to
give my dog ceasers to take them out.

Crimson0089 says:

I have a male yorkie lol he is 7 months old and I got him when he was 3
months old… and not only that, a friend of mine found him and gave the
dog to me and people tell me I’m lucky to have one 😉 oh and sooner or
later Im gonna add pictures of him and me on myspace.

TSoul2SoulT says:

dude did you shave its belly now its a soft shiny belly 😛 rub some olive
oil and go to the beach and let it sun bath

sisgirl17 says:

I want one!!! I had a yorky that my mom gave me for christmas but a golden
retriever killed him :'(

kitten123kitten says:

hey thats sooo cute and i hope all your pups are doing good. sorry about
yoda. im letting my cavalier have pups this year. i cant wait. my little
princess is gonna be a mommy 😀

Sharon Carter says:

Thank you. She is my doll baby. Update on the puppies. Yoda my little one
that I was stuggling to save I had to put down yesterday. RIP YODA!!! The
other 3 are doing great and are little terrors. LOL

LionGoddess1 says:

duno about you all but I rather be an egglaying species lol.. the idea of
something growing in me takes me back to the Alien series in weirding out

kAiT11100 says:

breeding yorkies just for fun huh

Splashxbabiee says:

Hi she has a very cute belly

sisgirl17 says:

Thank you :) It was one of the sadest moments of my life ’cause i kept
telling my mom how bad i wanted a yorkie. But i guess things happen for a
reason. But thanks :)

Sharon Carter says:

I am so sorry to hear you about the one miscarriage. 5 puppies are a lot of
yorkies for the mother to take care of. 1 of my puppies died after 36 hours
and we are struggling to save the last little one. The other 3 are doing
wonderful. We had 3 Boys and 2 girls and have 2 of each still living. Keep
me updated on how everything turns out.

Justin Green says:

Sorry To Hear.

Sharon Carter says:

I am hoping to catch the birth and put it up on youtube. When I was looking
for informtion about welping Yorkies I found very little. I am hoping to
put as much information as I can on here for someone who will be looking
for it next. Thanks for the comment. Keep checking back.

ninjakitiesataku says:

aww… im so sorry

xForeverMinex says:

hi there! im sorry for my late replay to your replay, but i didn´t get any
notification from youtube. well, my neigbors york was never pregnant and
will probably never be pregnant. she does not like when other male yorkies
come closer and starts to bite them, lol. so noone can come close enough to
make her pregnant.

BiancaT11 says:

aww how sad :'(

onjgrease1978 says:

I have a pregnant Yorkie, Gypsy. She’s due today! She had a miscarrige of
one pup 2wks ago and gave us quite a scare. There are four pups left.

Pearl Helvezia says:

It’s 62 days of bearing puppies…she’s cute.

sisgirl17 says:

thanks :) yeah it was soo sad and i just couldn’t stop crying ’cause i kept
telling my mom how bad i wanted one and she gave me one for christmas but
unfortunately that happened. but thanks :)

onjgrease1978 says:

Your dog had her puppies??? Congrats! My dog was due yesterday. The due
dates aren’t always accurate though. This is Gypsy’s first pregnancy. My
other dog, Paris has had three litters. Two were purebred and the other one
was with my Chihuahua. So sorry that you lost a puppy, I’ve only lost three
in my 13 years of breeding dogs. Good luck with the litter!

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