Pregnant Belly Touchers

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I’ve been around quite a few pregnant bellies and I know how enticing they are.  Watch as these co-workers deal with that urge. 

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Created and written by Ilana Cohn

Directed and edited by Liam Sullivan

Starring: Kristina Hayes, Joe Egender, Liam Sullivan and ILana Cohn

Produced by: Matt Cross

Coordinator: Scott Sheeran

DP: Mike Bauman

Sound: Eric Georgeson

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maurizio dissegna's videos says:

They surely deserved the SIX Oscar awards they won. The greatest actors,
story and scenes I’ve ever seen!…So realistic! So instructive. What a
research they have done! Outstanding! They deserve Nobel prizes in Physics,
Chemistry, Literature, Peace and Medicine.

Daniel Watson says:

all those people you are inconsiderate

Ethan Blackhurst says:

fuck off
thats bull shit

big pregnant bellies says:

I love when people touched my belly.

TheGeist28 says:

Really easy for you to say, pregnant women are extremely sexy, they just
have this immense glow to them, they are really hard to ignore seriously
for us men. I met this one pregnant on a bus, I just took one look at her
and told her she was beautiful, her day was so brighten that day, never
seen a smile so bright, her eyes widen etc. We started talking and out of
no where the baby started moving and she asked if I would like to feel the
moment. I jump a bit and was like whoa very strong kicks and she started
laughing historically and kept saying sorry because her belly was seriously
bouncing out of control… I had to put man hand back on her belly to feel
that bounce for a good 5 mins her laughter with me saying “it’s elevating,
lift off for take off” I had her in tears, one of the most craziest
feelings in the world.

red rayne says:

omg liam XD

James Jason says:


bloodyadaku says:


brnleague99 says:

What’s her problem?

maylea mineyourbusiness says:

i dont know what is was but always children would come up to my belly and
touch it or kiss it yes even in the street

Adanna York says:

Poor 3rd one:/

Gemeral dis says:

Very funny….

TimeWarp66 says:

Brilliant video! Hillarious! Keep em up guys!

Dragonizard .Salinas says:

poor nerd

TwoSketchy says:

Oh my god, this video. HA! This is great! I was laughing the whole time,
the interactions were killer! Loved the one with Liam, you guys are way too
funny, I loved it! -Nicole :)

Brown Sugah says:


Kameryn Nein says:

I’m 36 weeks pegnant and everyone likes to touch my belly cause it’s so big
it kinda annoys me

Jasminchen Honigbienchen says:

well, I must admit that I love touching Baby bellys, lol 😀

bluebble gummy says:

this video is so fucking true i love it

SpongyOLlama says:

This is perfect <3

Applebutter799 says:

Honestly touching a pregnant woman’s belly is fine as long as you ask her
first and she says its OK to feel :) because truthfully it is amazing to
feel the baby kick

Michael says:

It’s like a parody of office sensitivity training videos on pregnant
coworkers and how to respect them at work. Hilarious…she has a good point
what’s she doing in reaction to her coworkers. +

Kassandra Rodriguez says:

dont piss off a prenant woman

mryellowfellow says:

haha, it’s alright that she grabbed his penis. they’re married in real

Ester vR. says:

Haha, i still love this one! It’s sooooo true. I’m 30 weeks pregnant &
people always want to touch my belly .. its soo freaky enoying!!!

xDekuStickx says:

Take a giant dump in my cup!

CapeBretonGirl89 says:

I enjoyed this. I always respect people personal space.

Schmetterling says:

Did he say : You look like a whale 😀

HeartBDoctor says:

It’s a form of groping, and it’s violation of her body. Just as when she
grabbed her co-worker’s chest. You shouldn’t feel a woman’s pregnant belly
unless she invites you to.

Lance says:


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