Pregnant Belly Time Lapse!

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Alexis Reyes says:

Omg this video is beautiful the way the baby keeps growning till the very
congrats on your bby boy he’s so cute

MayandJC says:

Nice keepsake to look back. I did mostly just pictures :)

Bella the homesteader says:

I think you show a lot, plus you are so teeny tiny it just makes your
beautiful baby bump look so big. I really loved this!!

SuperSusiehomemaker says:

I love this video .. catchy music too! makes me want to dance! Actually I
kind of am! lol as soon as I went on your page the music started and my
kids ran over to see what was on. :) don’t know how I wasn’t subscribed
earlier but I am now <3 Susie

Olga Podobed says:

Absolutely adorable! I love everything! The music, photos, editing! You had
such a nice bump, and your figure kept being pretty. Great job on doing
such a good memoir for yourself and family!

daniel demming says:

cute belly do you miss your big belly?

Avital Grin says:

Pregnant belly time lapse! 

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