Pregnant Belly Scene from “Womb 2010” movie

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Maria Younger says:

for all of you crying over matt smith being in this film… so what? he
can’t just stick to one role forever… 

Leslie Goulding says:

what’s the name of the song at 0:36? pleaseeee

Levi Ackerman says:

2:25 That is one nice boat

Sevim Kenber says:

Thanks for not never mind;(

Sirius Sol says:

there is a missing scene when a baby is lying on her belly. cannot find it

uallhaters says:

Matt Smith? is it the same Matt Smith I ma thinking of…?

Volaco Pryngetti says:

He also starred in “Christopher and His Kind” where he is a gay man during
sometime period like the 1800-early 1900s

William Whitlock says:

They are going give you ceasarean section they will give you ether so you
will not feel no pain after when he start to cut you.

leadfoot driver says:

pregnancy is wonderful

IzzyTiger775 says:

R.I.P beautiful floppy hair…

☠PsychoKnight☠ says:

someone shoot me….

KaiserGirl says:

looks like she had a C Section

Loopyloualways says:

wtf??matt smith aka the doctor is in this???

Ross Bauer says:

Is it just me, or does this movie have no soundtrack?

cj portier says:

Wy THE fuck did i saw this

Lovegainers5 says:

I love the shape of her belly!

Isaac Coppin says:

matt smith shaved his head :(

leadfoot driver says:


118thepoo says:

God kill me!

Jeff782420 says:

what is this movie about?

ILoveMyBody0 says:

what’s wrong with the sound?

AngelaAndJessica says:

I need to see this movie.

TheLifelongdream says:

well, u can check on the imdb. but in brief. its about a woman suffering
from her lover’s death, decided to carry his clone and give birth to his
clone. then there moments that she got jealous on “her teenage son” dating
& etc… lol creepy. but she’s beautiful!

Zman king says:

What the fuck did I just see

TheLifelongdream says:

oh yes.. my video editing software Avidemux came out with some warning
about the sound. I guess I missing some filters in order to get the right
sound. but still I find this software is the best for trimming vi

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