Pregnant Belly Progression 5-39 weeks + Postpartum, Maternity & Family Photos

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Hope you enjoy my pregnancy journey. It was the most amazing thing I have ever done in my life so just had to share it. I stalked all the pregnancy videos on YouTube throughout my own pregnancy, so I hope I’m able to entertain some other mums-to-be and also give hope that you aren’t necessarily guaranteed a terrible body after you have a baby.


gymnassfan says:

You were one of the hottest preggos ever. Congrats. 

jyn veras says:

i dont know what yall were oing but that is a HAPPY baby in almost EVERY
single picture. this video made me wanna cry.

Brianna Easter says:

Perfect body and gorgeous baby boy! 

nataliesuki says:

that is one gorgeous little boy you have there 😀

Aviss Nightingale says:

This was so adorable. I actually cried a little. Good work, guys. He’s

lcc523 says:

Your so lucky

msamberjennell says:

I love this! I want to do this! I’m 10 weeks now. 

Tamu Malone says:

Omg you’re the bionic woman my stomach isn’t that flat and it’s been 23
years since my baby lol

Yasemin The Gypsy says:

Wow you has a rockin’ body all around!

melsypoo01 says:

Beautiful thanks for sharing! Im five weeks pregnant an so paranoid about
loosing my pre prego body but you give me hope!!! You look great

manidar1977 says:

The baby is a cutie pie. 

ShowMeHell says:

Beautiful vid but youre way too skinny after delivering the baby

Maite Mena says:

Beautiful video! You look great

Alex Kubetin says:

you actually got skinnier after you gave birth! that was a great video. i
feel like it took a while for you to start looking pregnant lol. i’ll be 6
weeks tomorrow & i’m definitely not showing lol. i wish i was! i can’t wait
to start showing. <3

proudmommy says:

Omg you actually got skinner

Kristin Howard says:

You are just the cutest family ever :)

Sammie Guerrero says:

I honestly think you look so much better after you gave birth so lucky!! I
hope im like you whenever I have a baby lol

AdeleySandwich12 says:

I hope i get my figure back like you did you look amazing!!

Adriana Torres says:

how did you get back into shape so quick??? any tips?

GiIbird says:

so cute <3

Pamela Anderson says:

This is how EVERY woman should look like during or after pregnancy.
Perfection. What can I say. This girl has no flaws at all. None

tommystourettes says:

Love the song. And I really appreciate the consistency with the poses.

shoni riley says:

aaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwww he so cute

Dennis Liu says:

u missed the actual ‘baby making’

737tech says:

beautiful :)

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