Pregnant Belly Painting

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jasmine bhadd says:

That's cute

Tierra Parsons says:

Try your bowl with the salad dressing #bomb

CfowlKicks says:

love you so much for all you do

Kamiyah Orr says:

if u were tickled carter was tickled

Reese Pooh says:

Once she has Carter she should get the same egg painted but have it look cracked with the word girl or boy coming out.

Eliceli Contreras says:

You should watch shaytards and he is the company of the shirt the man is wearing

Courtney Cee says:

Awww this was too cute, to have something to show the child when they get older and could better understand that mommy and daddy loved you so much from the womb that we created artwork in your honor. The only other thing i would have done is have my husband put question marks in black down the opposite side of the tattoo since i think i heard y'all mention question marks im not sure but it turned out super cute tj very colorful an i loved that design too good job!!


she looks so much like gabrielle union

lulu west says:

awwww. that's do cute

lulu west says:

'look at the flick of the wrist.'hahahahahahaha that cracks me up.

katy walsh says:

great job tj

Yvonne K. says:

Hey Tiff, I got a question. What is the lopgloss you're wearing called??

Ckandybhear says:

I'm new to the channel. Just scoping out other family vlogging channels and I'm trying to get into these guys. I already watch the lavigne life (grapevine ! Who dat) and DearNaptural85!!! 

Betty Nelson says:

How cute,I love the belly painting nice job.

Mochaluv says:

That yard is HUGE!!! There's no reason to ever move. Just build and expand on the house. You can customize it and it's cheaper!!! Geesh I love that yard…LOL

Erin Cinclairee says:

I get the same thing in my bowl except I get steak instead. Mmm! Lol

Britney Jones says:

Try the vinegarette dressing to top off your bowl! Sooooo good! 

nellz1108 says:

Grass on fleek tho

Antonique Gardner says:

Thats so sweet very talented you are tj the egg looks 3D thats great art work it actually look like the egg is sitting on top of her belly like 3d thats cold

dianne20010 says:

That cute I like that I having twin boys and there father he Spanish 

Caroline Mc.Cuteness says:

good job painting tj

LiVe, LoVe & LaUgh with Ms. Tae says:

Omg that egg was soooooo cool and cute

TheJaeGermany1 says:

Not "look at the flick of the wrist" though. TJ is light weight hood

Tiyundra Patterson says:

Tj hand flick lol.

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