Pregnant Belly Moving 36 Weeks

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90 seconds of my tummy at 8 months/36 weeks pregnant. You can actually see my sons bottom and legs. Amazing footage. He starts to move vigorously after about 15 seconds and this is pretty much him all day and all night. He is very active. Special moment captured in time of our first baby due 27th June 2013. So much LOVE!


NycKat Towle says:

thats so cool!!

Pregolover100 says:

Man, this makes me rock hard. Planning on getting knocked up again? :)

Lisa Von says:

How exciting!! I’m just 22 weeks now.. Can’t wait. Thank you for your reply!

nshida n says:

thats soo cute!! why don’t u do a pregnancy vlog so we can see u?

Jodie Ranieri says:

CONGRATULATION!!! enjoy the next 18 weeks they are amazing!

Jodie Ranieri says:

feels like a little animal under your skin gently stoking you from the
inside. Best feeling in the world. I can actually feel his little bottom,
legs and feet individually now apposed to when he was 20 weeks just feeling
movement. It is more defined!

Jodie Ranieri says:

I’m about to upload a few shots of my journey so far so you will see a few
snaps of me, but once he has arrived, I will be posting a few things about
his birth also xx

Lisa Von says:

what does the movement feel like at 36 weeks compared to the first flutters
and kicks you felt?

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