Pregnant Belly Growing (Daily Pregnancy Time Lapse)

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269 days of pregnancy in 45 seconds!
Pregnant or pregnant friend? It’s SUPER EASY to make your own pregnancy time lapse video with the app here:

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Watch the surprise pregnancy announcement video here:

Week number on the wall and day number in my hands!

Pregnant mumma & video editor: Sheryn
Photographer and cameo appearances: Rosco
Bump and little guy: Harper Joshua

We are so blessed by our Heavenly Father with this little boy!


Shirley Margate says:

Aww! So cute. How can people possibly dislike this

Gwyn Poindexter says:

OMG that was AWESOME! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

xShellz BabyJourney says:

Wow!! Awesome video :D

Lyndzie Padula says:

so cute!

afriendofbean says:

Congratulations.  I hope life is going great for you as a mom.

Bruno de Coninck says:

I love the cameo aroune 11 seconds…

Shayna Hart says:

OMG pause at exactly 12 seconds

Gloria Nkusi Mukazana 1999 says:

is scary to be  Pregnant

20lukita02 says:

0:12 wtf was that

fares dahab says:

Amazing video. What video software did you use?

James Orlando says:

That must be the craziest thing ever to have a human inside you.

효 연 says:

Pause at 0:12 

Kyraa - says:

this is SO CUTE

Conny and Cristie the Critic says:

0:12 Lol, I managed to pause at the right second.LOL video bomb

stan welling says:

Wow. Your belly got really big.

Dalek Emperor says:

Correction: 0.37

Dalek Emperor says:

0.33 was hilarious.The childs reaction, OMG it was funny.

Parul Modi says:

nice monkey!

Sophia Rodriguez says:

Absolutely amazing!

Haley Jane says:

omg 0:11 love itt

Gayle Smith says:


hawaomar100 says:

Quickest pregnancy time lapse I've ever seen. Congrats ! Cute baby !

kynes333 says:

How'd you get in the same spot again and again?!

Lesley Hack says:

Baby boomingly brilliant

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